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When a person writes or draws, thoughts from his brain flow through his hands and fingers and spread out on the paper. Just as face is an index of feelings, handwriting is an index of habits as well as of character. Character of a person can be analyzed from his works on paper. Sometimes lines and words may supplement each other and special sense will have to be needed to assess such creations. A few hand-made specimens from the Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum are added here.

Windows into the character and history of a person which is an open book in his native land.

The few hand-crafted documents here include cartoons, posters and poems prepared during the past years by the author for various purposes. They are not meant as literary creations but just as specimens of the author’s various handwritings, to illustrate how many different handwritings a person can have. They are intended to serve as windows into the character and history of the author which is an open book in his native village anyway. Anyone who has rudimentary skills in hand writing analysis can easily read them well and evaluate the author’s character. And so is the case with anyone’s handwriting. Since photos of the author are unable to be made available and he is photo-shy, this is supposed to be a practical and more scientific way to familiarize with him.

The famous Love Songs Of Tagore translated into English from Bengali and recast in the true poetic form.

The musician in Tagore created so many beautiful songs in Bengali language but this gifted writer did not bother to write them in English or to translate them into English from Bengali himself, in spite of being a fine writer in English. A few songs of his which already have been translated into English by Mr. Rabindranath Chowdhury of Calcutta were but in the prose order known as free verse, though very beautiful. A few of these translated songs were recast in the true poetic form by P S Remesh Chandran, Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum. The most beautiful of these translated poems is ‘Udbodhan’, meaning ‘Awakening’ in English, a video of which with lyrics is available in Bloom Books Channel. The above picture was created as a cover for this proposed book, 'The Love Songs Of Tagore.'

Lines and words may supplement each other in a picture.

Lines and words may supplement each other in art creations and sometimes common sense, or even special sense, will have to be needed to see through these pictures and understand the overall meaning and message in them. Besides being for entertainment, such pictures can also be used by schools, universities and job-recruiting institutions to gauge the intelligence and quick-wittedness of a person applying for a course or job. Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum has put more than a hundred of such creations as a book titled 'Swan- The Intelligent Picture Book', in Three Parts, which is a collection of single line drawings of P S Remesh Chandran, meant as a Brain Testener Series, probably the first in its kind in the world. There are a total of more than two hundred such pictures in this rare collection. Pictures like these are meant as specimens to test a person to gauge how many things he can see at a glance, how clearly he sees them, and how he coordinates and interprets what he sees in his mind. Some will see a few features and characters, some will see many more features and characters and a few will see everything that is to be seen in that picture. In whichever way the letters are styled and positioned in a picture, in however bad or good handwriting the phrases, hints or suggestions are distributed throughout the picture, there certainly will be quite a number of people who read everything and understand everything in their full sense within seconds. It is these people institutions which seek intelligence and talent are after. And this is an easy way to find them without wasting much time. For example, as a clue, it can be said that in the above picture, the three green, red and blue titles positioned vertically on the left can be viewed as titles of some never-produced films, but the more intelligent among viewers will also make out a full meaningful sentence out of these fragments and read ‘Whoever Goes After A Serpent Will Lose Its Nail And Will Have To Grieve’. It is this higher intelligence and common sense with which the candidate assembles this meaningful sentence out of meaningless fragments that the selectors are looking for.

Absurd pictures psychiatrists use to gauge the mental workings of a person.

Psychiatrists and psychologists use pictures to gauge response of persons to objects and to get an insight into the workings of their mind. While working at Government Mental Health Centre, Trivandrum as an office staff, the author had plenty opportunities to see the pictures doctors used to analyze character. Those pictures were all ink-spread images on paper! You put a drop of ink on a paper and fold it; when you open it there would be an image- a child’s play from our boyhood. Whichever way the patient explained the ink-spreads, the doctor could, and would, easily and safely, diagnose the person to be sick in need of treatment. They thus kept their jobs this way. It was when the author saw how poor and absurd the techniques used by psychiatrists in India were for treatment that he came up with this idea of producing some intelligent pictures someday and making them available free for anyone’s use.

Therefore I will sing at your door step, director.

Here is a Malayalam song written by the author, depicting leisurely life in contemporary government service in Kerala. Names of persons or places or references to any incidents are purely fictitious, originated from the pure imagination of the author. They have no connection whatsoever with any real incidents, characters or persons living or dead. The poet worked in the Directorate of Health Services in two stretches in 1981 when things were good and in 2009 when things were very bad. He worked with the best in Government service and with the abominable worst too. Top class brains with good literary and linguistic tastes inspired him in 1981 and pea-brains who do not know even to write their names without mistakes angered him in 2009. In 1981, directors of health services were brilliant doctors. In 2009, they were just communal recruitees, pen-pushers who never had seen a patient for decades. This letter song was born as a twin to the one the author sent to the Superintendent of Mental Health Centre, Trivandrum, sent upon his urging. This song was later recorded as a song and included in the Malayalam musical collection ‘The Hospital Window Poems.’ A video of this song titled ‘Aarogya Vakuppinte Addhyakshannariyaanaay’ is available in Bloom Books Channel in You Tube for free download at Link:

A hand crafted song for a Malayalam Musical Album.

And here is another Malayalam song belonging to the same letter song genre. The poet went on a year’s leave from office. When he visited, the superintendent- one of the best and famous psychiatrists in Kerala- asked him why he didn’t even write a letter. So, this song was written and sent to him, and one sent to the Director of Health Services too. It was the time of gulf-letter songs in Malayalam, so these twin songs were written in the letter format. There were thoughts of punishing the poet for sending such ‘unorthodox’ letters to higher authorities but the dignified and charismatic Medical Superintendent declined to take action, saying it was genuine literary production. Where superbly qualified and competent doctors headed once Mental Health Centres, today reign under-qualified quacks who look up meaning of words in dictionaries after a real psychiatrist has lectured and gone. Today, one needn’t even be a psychiatrist to become a medical superintendent at Government Mental Health Centre, Trivandrum. Tomorrow one wouldn’t even need to be a doctor to become a superintendent there. New rules made by uneducated and jealous politicians! The poet worked nearly 14 years in the office of the Mental Health Centre, Trivandrum. It was one the finest and cleanest institutions in Kerala. Once, an old woman attending to her son told him: ‘This hospital is God; where else will we poor people go if it is not here?’ Not all but share this view. Patients’ suicides and murders continue- un-prevented, unquestioned, uninvestigated. Public works officers, works contractors, politicians and top bureaucrats make millions out of this institution, dismantling good old buildings and constructing multi-story mammoth structures unsuitable for Mental Health Centres, denying sunlight and the healing touch of earth to patients. Today it is a tourist paradise- anyone can go in there and photograph- a naked violation of international patient privacy acts. No administration, no monitoring, no control! Those who are mentally ill cannot complain anyway.

‘All people mentioned in this song were the author’s fellow workers and friends, some of them his best friends. Every one of them was kind and considerate to me. My remembrances of them are sweet. There was one transferred from Kooman Kolli, Waynadu. So he became Kooman Kolli. Such renaming after the place one comes from is standard in government offices. I hope they all will pardon this jest. I wish them all, the best in their life.’- P S Remesh Chandran, Bloom Books Channel.’

Please note that names of persons or places or references to any incidents are purely fictitious. They are in no way connected to any real incidents, places or persons. If somebody finds any such allusion it is only coincidental. A video of this letter song under title ‘Maanassika Aarogyatthin Kendratthin Sooprantariyaan’ also is available for free download in Bloom Books Channel vide Link:

How can you analyze the hand writing of a person if he has many?

Sometimes dozens of handwriting styles can be, and may be, used by a person in a single article. The above is a portion from such an illustrated article, actually a complaint, which was never used. A person is supposed to have only one style of handwriting, indexing his character. But if he has many styles of handwriting, will they index multiple characters? Will psychiatrists call it Multiple Personality Syndrome?

Pictures can cross barriers of nations and languages easily.

Do not take things seen in these pages seriously. They are just meant to be laughed at or laughed about, and to ease mind in times of distress and disinterest. They are meant to serve as light diversions from the more severe articles of literary criticism written and political observations published by the author. A picture can suggest multiple things- often thought-provoking, sometimes contrasting and at times absurd. Pictures can cross barriers of nations, cultures and languages easily and do not need interpretations at most times. Moreover, they are a pleasant form of recording history.

Corruption and Bribery: The Famous Asian Lubricants.

Many years back a book titled ‘Corruption In India’ was published in which Bribery was described, appropriately, as the ‘Asian Lubricant.’ As years went by, the quality and integrity of officers recruited into government services deteriorated steadily and government became no more able to make corruption impossible. And, due to intervention of alert media and vigilant citizens, top-level bureaucrats, people’s representatives and cabinet ministers began to be put behind bars for corruption. But within this time a culture of corruption had been formed and bribery become accepted. Making some illegal income in addition to salaries is considered respectable now. The number of people who worship those who become rich by stealing into public money are such alarmingly higher now that due to their presence the corrupt have now gained a hallow of heroes around them. These worshippers love the corrupt because they too would have wished to do the same had they been in position of the corrupt. A large number of people admiring stealers of public money, a phenomenon new to the world, make it impossible to resist them and prevent them from polluting the entire government service. Those government officers sincere and committed to people and keep back from corruption are hunted by government and by subordinates. The author himself had to almost sacrifice his 32 years’ service benefits, hunted throughout by angry and corrupt bureaucrats in the Directorate of Health Services, Kerala. . He lost about 27 Lakhs Rupees but following his articles the world people’s money holders like WHO, IMF, IBRD and ADB cut funds on account of rampant human rights violations and corruption and the Kerala Health Services lost 2700 Crores Rupees. . The author lost 27 lakhs rupees and the department lost 2700 crores rupees. It is now checks.

The above picture of a poem describes how the poet was hunted, detested and punished for writing Hospital Window Poems bringing to light atrocities against women and children in hospitals in Asian countries. When politicians suddenly turn attention to a government institution, it is time to learn that enormous sums of money are coming to that institution under some government scheme. Usually, 20% in advance for getting the scheme sanctioned by government is standard. There are thousands of such lootable schemes like the National Rural Health Mission, Urban Health Mission, Tele Medicine and E-School Text Books and so on in India. Those who steal from public treasury are promoted as officers and those who remain loyal to principles are trampled upon and pasted to earth like worms.

Hospital Window Poems were first published included in the book Kaalam Jaalaka Vaathilil released at Press Club, Trivandrum on 10-02-1999. This book, permitted by the Government in 1984, revealed a few crimes committed by senior health services personnel. Indian law states that an employee who hides information on corruption and crimes of his subordinates is accessory and punishable. Based on these revelations, prosecutions could have been initiated against criminals. But it was the poet who was hunted through years. The scam on Central Government Medical Assistance to Tribal People mentioned here in this song was true. The Sub Treasury Officer of Vithura was suspended then, with others. A video of this song under title ‘Panam Kaaykkunna Kendra Maram’ is available for free download in You Tube at Link:
Link to Hospital Window Poems in You Tube:

It is only flies and bees entangled in the net of law. The elephant falls through the net, with the net.

Central governments in Asian countries spend millions of money on good schemes but the life of poor people remains miserable. More than three quarters of these amounts are stolen by politicians and bureaucrats. Even when enormous scams and thefts are brought to light by auditing agencies and central investigation agencies, the money lost is never recovered and no one punished. One NRHM scam investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation in Uttar Pradesh involved the Principal Health Secretary, Health Minister and Chief Minister of the state. It was recently estimated that petrol could be sold in India for just 20 Rupees with the money involved in a single scam. A person who stands watching this for decades will be forced to tell things he knows and warn his people, and that was what the book 'The Hospital Window' did. It depicts what an outsider sees through a hospital window looking in and what an insider sees through the same hospital window looking out. It is when we have no money in our pockets that we are struck with diseases. That is when we have to endure horrible bribery in hospitals. And that is exactly when we wish to shatter this citadel of corrupt medical profession.

Some films will never reach the silver screen.

Some films will never reach the silver screen, even though they may have gone much forward with a fine story, several songs and creative discussions. The real story behind why they did not reach silver screen would be more interesting and thrilling to read than the actual story itself. Some hand-crafted film posters and a few songs are what remain of such an un-produced film from the 1980s.

Jalaja Padma Raji means A Collection of Water-Born Lotus or 'The Lotus Band'.

Jalaja, Padma and Raji are Malayalam girls' names. Jalaja means 'water- born', Padma means 'Lotus' and Raji means 'collection'. 'Jalaja Padma Raji' combined means 'a collection of water-born lotuses' or 'The Lotus Band' in Sanskrit. When the name of this film was conceived, a few asked who these Jalaja, Padma and Raji were, and whether they were acting in the film. The story of this film was brought out later as a book in English as The Lotus Band. The songs from this un-produced film were made into videos decades later and are now available to download free as Jalaja Padma Raaji Songs in Bloom Books Channel.

Which is the Question mark, which is the Ohm and which is the Placenta?

This picture is a page from 'Swan, The Intelligent Picture Book' which is a collection of similar simple single-line drawings. The viewer is asked to identify which is the Question mark, which is the Ohm and which is the Placenta in the picture, and is expected to answer intelligently within a reasonable time. ‘Swan, The Intelligent Picture Book, Part I’ can be read, viewed and downloaded free at Link:

What is the charge for publishing this advertisement?

The above is a letter to a newspaper requesting to publish an advertisement. The line in Malayalam means: 'A beautiful advertisement. What is the charge for this advertisement, may please be intimated to the address mentioned'.

So, do not take things seriously, and laugh if you can.

So, perhaps you may have thought the above pictures, posters and poems might be something into which went some serious thoughts. Never….. They are products from a kindergarten. So, don’t take things seriously. And laugh if you can.

This page will continue through other little hand made articles.

(Revised and re-published on 01 November 2015)

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Pictures are from the archives of Sahyadri
Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.

About accessing the author's other literary works.

Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum. Author of several books in English and in Malayalam. And also author of 'Swan, The Intelligent Picture Book'. Unmarried and single. Born and brought up in Nanniyode, a little village in the Sahya Mountain Valley in Kerala. Also edits and owns Bloom Books Channel, producers of English and Malayalam Recitation Videos.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
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You're multi-talented artist, and this page proves it.

I admire your skill in calligraphy!

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Dear Rathnashikamani,

I was thrilled by the news that Bob Steves travelled India, learned the techniques of Calligraphy, was inspired, and returned straight to California to make use of his newly conceived ideas in Graphics and start Apple. Nowadays I particularly note the implications of the effects of visual graphics based on Calligraphy. Many fonts which are presently available are not suitable enough for many purposes. I am only trying. As a talented engineer, you would be knowing better.

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Steve Jobs was a genius of par excellence and is only next to Edison in inventing a handy gadget that made the world orbit with a whir under its phenomenal applications of connectivity and joy of getting hooked to the media in many touch-easy fingertips.

As regards to the calligraphy-fonts, I wonder if you could have missed this wonderful website of free downloadable fonts:

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After reading your article on the 'Overcrowding Of Your Wikinut Inbox With Messages' I wonder how you can favour us all with your words of encouragement and wisdom, finding still more time. You are a wonderful man! I feared adding another comment to that very useful and interesting article though I very much wished to. Another interesting article from you on 'How To Find Time To Read All Wikinut Friends' would be invaluable in this community and an all time hit. Sorry for the mispelt name of Steve Jobs. And I really missed the website for downloadable calligraphy phonts. Thank you for the suggestion. It is going to be my next click.

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Thank you for the kind comments.

Now I've completely deleted all the messages in my Wikinut Inbox.

Your comments on my pages are welcome and I value them a lot, since you're such a wonderful critic having wide knowledge in tuning the poems and editing literary content in many languages.

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Very informative. I like. Going to read again.

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