How I lost my virginity

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I do not know what day it is today, nor do I wish to. It’s been exactly eleven weeks since I touched a pen and I certainly don’t want to be going anywhere near one. You know you are not doing what you are meant to be doing when you do something which you would normally not mean to. So what was I doing all this while? What do people do when they’re left with a vast, seemingly infinite abundance of free time stretching lazily ahead of them?


Work in free time?! Yes; sounds incredulous, but what to do. After all, the world has to have its share of workaholics otherwise ordinary people like me couldn’t pass for being normal. Now, I’m not talking about people who are required to work. It’s about those dudes who have to work. That fire; that urge inside which pushes them or whatever to achieve something all the time… On a normal day, it might seem very utopian, but it’s the time of holidays! Who are they kidding anyway? Absurd as it might seem, they aren’t complaining about working during free time and the society definitely isn’t.

The 'Hobbits'

For the hobbyists, School habits die hard. My second grade teacher taught me it was good to inculcate hobbies. Somehow, they left me when I left school (as did a lot of other things, innocence included). But good for the hobbyists that they still stick on to doing what fascinates them. A fat collection of drawings/photographs/coins/stamps would come in handy when they would want to teach their kids a way to kill time.

Hey! Wazzza?

They have jumped, screamed in ecstasy, made a dozen phone calls to their friends every time a holiday started. They go through their list of friends thoroughly, meeting them once, twice, thrice and go on as long as time permits. They do not get bored, nor do they bother even if their friends are. Socializing is a healthy habit, no doubt. But when it burns a wide hole through their parents’ wallet, it boils down to how fat it is - the wallet and the hole.


For them, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. They continue doing what we’ve always did - nothing. They just put peace (as the guys in my university call it) and the fact that it’s a holiday only heightens their inertia. Mornings and Nights blend into one. Sundays and Thursdays make no difference to them.

Only two dates are marked on their calendar – the start and the end of holidays.

They neither find the need to work, nor socialize. Monetarily, they are the cheapest, socially modest with the social networks and entertainment being their best friends. While others might look down on them as weirdos who are wrongly wired, all my loyalties remain with this species. Atleast to their conscience, they know how to milk the most out of their holidays. In the end, what you feel is truly what matters.

Um, my virginity?

As you could see, I hadn't written for quite sometime now. My apologies for the seemingly lacklusture introduction. Hence the title. 90% of you would have clicked the link after seeing the title.

So there you go. Mission accomplished. Going by the nature of the article and the size and detail of a certain subcategory, you might have figured out which category I fall under. Don’t even bother which kind you belong to. If you’ve read this fully, you fall under the last.

As for my virginity, keep waiting. Might feel bored enough to write about that! So long, folks! ;)


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