Hotline Conversation of Two Corrupted, Rival Prime Ministers (Satire)

John Kolyav By John Kolyav, 20th Sep 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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War breaks out between nations just for a heap of land or because of rulers’ ego. Who has to suffer eventually? Even if a nuclear bomb explodes in a neighboring country the impact will spread globally. Narrow minded politicians may not consider it for their temporary benefit.

True Lies

PM 1: “Morning, fool!”

PM 2: “Same to you, idiot! How are you?”

PM 1: “Parts other than bones are twitching to crush you!”

PM 2: “Glad to hear that
Keep that reverie alive;
What about the disputed land?”

PM 1: “No dispute! It is ours
I’ve asked my military to be ready.”

PM 2: “So have I. But, where will you put
The nukes?”

PM 1: “Every major city beyond my border.”

PM 2: “So will I do. But, shouldn’t we revise?”

PM 1: “Sure! Here is the silver coin. I shall spare
Your capital, where you and your white elephants stay.”

PM 2: “That is a great offer. I shall also return the courtesy.
Here is a better suggestion. You know
Fuel is precious, I shall order
My men to pour nukes in ours
So that the targets would be precise, eh?”

PM 1: “Can we? Will they obey?”

PM 2: “Why not? Different states
Quarrel among them. Who has real love of late?
I was elected because the suffering majority had no choice
But devil and sea.”

PM 1: “O I see! It is the same in my case.
Syrians are killing their own men
LTTE when cornered made their men as human shield
Iraq showered acid on their men
Yes, yes. Since rulers do not really like their citizen
And voters us for corruption, why should we waver?”

PM 2: “Excellent! The story of Siddhartha
Renounced his throne
For peoples’ sake must be a myth
Let’s inject the narrowest
Nationalism in their veins
And have a toast of red wine tonight!”

PM 1: “Good idea! If our countries are destroyed also we’ll have asylum
abroad. I think you also have enough in foreign banks. So, shall we
declare war tomorrow?”

PM 2: “By all means! So, finally good morning Sir!”

PM 1: “Very good morning Sir! Bye, bye!”


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
20th Sep 2012 (#)

this is quite a piece John...thank you for entendres contained within....

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author avatar John Kolyav
20th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you dear cn very much! Greatly I value your appreciation.

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author avatar Ptrikha
19th Jul 2013 (#)

Quite possible considering the current state of affairs!

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author avatar Retired
29th Nov 2013 (#)

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author avatar ajit12
12th Oct 2014 (#)

A very cool post. I love it..

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