Having trouble staying focused on your goals? Staying focused is key

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Some musings on how to maintain structure and purpose in your life to reach your goals

Structure and Purpose

If you're anything like me you write endlless to-do lists, then re-write them and write them again, never getting on top of them. Of course they're always unrealistic, as long as your arm and totally undoable. So I wanted to share with you what happened to me today. I'm the sort of person who gets bored easily, and need the mental stimulus of thinking and planning. I'm not a mother just yet but I suppose mums are known for this skill - always thinking ahead, pre-empting, anticipating potential hiccups of all varieties. My thinking 'pattern' comes from having been a teacher for years, and being responsible for lots of little people - eek -I still carry wipes with me everywhere. I digress, what I found out today is the power of committing to doing something.

Whether that's in words, eg, 'I'm going to get some chips today' - one of my favourites (oh no strike that thought, I am on a diet!), as one example. I have found if a statement comes out of my mouth 'I'm going to do such and such today', I'll end up doing it. Also if I, say, text someone what I plan to do, equally I end up taking action on that very thing. Today as a result of my texing my sister what I planned to do, I have had a day of achievement rather than of procrastination.

Time is a precious commodity, and they do say 'we all get the same 24 hours'. I have also heard it said that you can either spend or waste your time - also very true. I would class myself in general to be a teeny bit of a time waster, having always spent too much time thinking, musing, pontificating. That is not a great place to venture in your mind, and you're guaranteed to emerge empty handed - usually with a headache. We can sometimes think that by pondering and analysing, somehow something will be achieved. What WILL be achieved is frown lines, bum dents and frustration, rather than the sense of achievement that can be gained by accomplishment. That is, more DOING, less THINKING. That's not to say there isn't room for planning, but pen-in-hand thinking with purpose is the way to go. Or even to 'ask your pillow' as the Spanish saying goes, it's amazing how a good night's sleep can bring clarity on a decision.

That doesn't mean life should be all about achieving and never enjoying your time - there needs to be a balance. I am all for smelling the roses, and make a point of giving them a good sniff if I ever spot any. Flowers are one of life's pleasures, up there with good chocolate, playing a steinway, and hearing a baby's laugh - a few of my 'favourite things'. But in this day and age, a man (or woman) without a mission can be in danger of stagnating- eeew. An interesting analogy is to think about the focus, pace and urgency you use when, say, getting to the supermarket before it closes. There is no ambling, swerving, getting distracted, but you make tracks as you know you need to get that vital packet of flying saucers before it closes (okay so that was just me). I realised once that if I approached everything in my life with the same drive, determination and focus, things would look a lot different. It's also the fact of HAVING a purpose each day that can rescue you from the land of procrastination. So in the words of Andy from Dawson's Creek,'structure and purpose' really is the way forward.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Oct 2013 (#)

Thanks for the nice share. We need to have a balance. I have seen few always busy with work and it becomes an end by itself - siva

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