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A poem reflecting life in the hallways of high school

The final days

School ends soon and summer is nigh
Parents inherit their kids with a sigh
What will they do for the next 90 days?
Amidst the complaints under sun's rays

Entertain me, entertain me, will be the cry
And you as a parent will try, try, and try
But then you'll give in and enter the zone
Encouraging your kid "just play with the phone"

Kids today present a zombie like stare
They seldom seem to notice anyone there
They laugh and they talk without any shame
Treating all life as if its simply a game

When walking the streets and hearing a voice
You go the respond then realize you're not the choice
They are talking on blue tooth or into to a mike
Or more likely texting saying what they might like

Discourse declines seated next to each other
Texting between those or possibly one other
Most likely texting and photobombing occur
As snapchat and selfies create visual blur

And then we wonder why focus is short
Seems merely seconds we say with a snort
Unless its a movie or some visual barrage
We have checked live in our mental garage!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th May 2015 (#)

We are descending (or ascending) to the attention span of goldfish! In fact, as per statistics, we might have beaten them now.

I saw a cartoon where people were queuing at the Pearly Gates with their eyes looking down fixated on invisible screens with fingers in perpetual motion - siva

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