Have you ever been dumped?

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I had a 'relationship' with a man, that rejected me in the end, because I was not willing to jump into a sexual relationship with him until I had really got to know him and when did months later, I soon realised he was not right for me and too old for me. He had lied about his age. This poem came true within 2 weeks of him dumping me. He did try to rekindle our relationship, as he was so jealous when he saw me dancing, laughing and flirting with another man. I said a very emphatic NO!

My Personal Revenge

My personal revenge Lloyd is that you will lament the day that you decided to spurn my advances

That you will watch me as my body dances in sinuous, sexy shapes and regret your foolhardiness

That you will watch me as my smile starts from my toes and reaches the shining light in my eyes, as I talk to another man

That you will think of a funny remark to say to me to hear me laugh, then remember that I do not want to hear the sound of your voice

That you will sing my favourite tune to me and watch me turn away, indifferent to you, as I refuse to listen to your dulcet tones

That you will watch me slow dance with a man and jealousy will grip you so hard that it will manifest itself in pain that clenches your stomach

That you will ache to touch me and feel the warmth of my skin as you caress my skin, yet know that skin to skin contact is not allowed

That you will hear me sing my favourite Adele song and long for the days of old when the words were a personal message to you

That even when you try to sleep, thoughts of me plague you and you lie awake in bed, still regretting your decision not to be my partner

My personal revenge Lloyd is that you will miss me and long for my company so much, that no one else can assuage your loneliness

That the day will soon come, when you ask me to change my mind about you, I look through you and then watch you serenely as the dream of a relationship with me slowly dies in your eyes


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I have always liked to write. I write poetry and short stories, but I have never had the confidence in my writing to try to see it published before, so I am going to give it a try, at last!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
8th May 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article. The way I see it is that if it's not meant to be it simply will not be. Smiles to you today.

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author avatar Sugarbaby125
8th May 2015 (#)

Thanks Nancy. He was so wrong for me, but thought he could charm his way into my life.

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