Hair and Pretzels and the evil they plan

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A warning about the plans that your hair and pretzels have for you.

Hair and Pretzels and the evil they plan

The amazing you tube. So many people are filming themselves on the you tube. They film themselves unboxing new toys they got and making food and start their own cooking show. Some have wacky wedding dances and others film themselves clipping their nails. Some do whole half hour shows with their hair talking to a pretzel which is what I want to get into today. Hair and pretzels are longtime friends. When you are eating a bag of pretzels you can see them looking at each other. They wink at each other with their little inside jokes that they have. A lot of times they are making fun of you the pretzel eater. They mock you they laugh at you. If I were you I would go get a bag of pretzels and give it a talking to. The pretzels hate you and are planning to take over your house. Protect yourself from the pretzels. They are out to get us all. Do not give them mustard this just fuels there anger. Pretzels and mustard do not mix despite popular belief. Your hair is in business with the pretzels so I would rip your hair out if I was you. It is the only way to save yourself from Hair and Pretzels and their evil plans.


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