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As I was working yesterday on wikinut, a popup message appeared by a sudden, this message was as follow "Your PC is hacked by Dr H@cker" I got frustrated and immediately disconnected my laptop from the internet. If you want to know what happened to me then read this article

A wired afternoon with my laptop

I was writing my "Tips on saving money" article last night as the first popup note popped on my desktop. After receiving this message I closed everything and stopped working for an hour. I remember what my husband has told me about hackers and how they can change the PC into scrap. But I couldn't wait for a long time before connecting again. I found every thing in peace so I told my self he just left, and I started my writing again. As I was writing I found the CD drive ejected. I thought I pressed the button by accident, I closed it and continued. I found the webcam started to work by itself, I quickly closed it and searched for a wound plaster to cover it as he might be watching me. He started to message me without stopping and asking me where am I from and he told me some family members' names he got them from the saved pictures on the pictures folder I guess. Then I disconnected my laptop again and spent a boring time waiting for nothing.

My plan

I had two choices, either I discard the laptop or I go for a challenge. I felt he has a sense of humor from the messages he sent to me. Here are the messages he sent me first.

Message 1: "Your PC is hacked by Dr H@cker"
Message 2: "Your PC is hacked by Dr H@cker"
Message 3: "I said: Your PC is hacked by Dr H@cker"
Message 4: "I said: You're hacked by Dr H@cker"
Message 5: "Are you xxxxx"
Message 6: "Are you yyyy"
He said names of people in my home :)
Then he operated the web cam of my laptop. I taped the webcam. and still taping it in case anybody hack my laptop again. He left me and went away or that's what I felt.

I wrote him a message and made it as a screen background and stated writing back. The message was.

"To Mr Hacker;
I hope you're enjoying your time hacking my PC, I won't tell you leave me alone because I know you will not, but please let me work without bothering me. I feel you're a gentleman and you're funny too. O.K. to save your and my time I'll tell you. I'm an old lady from Egypt, and trying to make an income writing online. Sure you know the situation now in Egypt and how is it going on. I appreciate your kindness and patience and I hope you find something useful on my PC :)"

This is it :) I started working again and he left me in peace for a long time and that was great.

The last conversation

In the morning I operated my laptop and started to manage my pages in wikinut and other places where I write. then he popped up again. I let him read my message to him and I was patient and gave him time to talk.

"I am Tunisian" He said
"I know" I said
"How do you know" He said
"My son was playing and wanted to know more about hacking and went to the you tube and found your channel there" I said
"What does your son want from me?" He said
"Told you he wanted to know about hacking, he's just 16 and want to know things. I warned him not to do this but no way" I said

He waited and I waited, then I wrote to him "Can I work now please?"
"I'll leave you if you let me see you" He said
"I told you I'm an old lady, and I might be at your mother's age" I said
"I just want to see you" He said
"O.K. I'll remove the tape and you can see me by your own way" I said
"I can't see any thing, just black" He said
"My cam is here and I'm looking at it" I said

I left the whole thing and started my search. After while, A message came to me. He wrote to me simply "I'm sorry"
What a gentleman!

I'm still not sure if he'll hack my computer again, but my message to you is "don't let your kids play with hackers" I think my son clicked on something and this allowed him to hack our PC.

God bless you all :)


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author avatar Retired
8th Jun 2011 (#)

he still has access to your computer and all your info.. you need to do a security sweep and deal with that.. any money numbers of credit cards.. banks.. all that.

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author avatar kafsoa
8th Jun 2011 (#)

I'm using another laptop now and my son is formatting the other hacked one, but I'm not sure if formatting is enough or he'll be able to hack it again? do you have an idea Robert? Thanks for caring.

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author avatar Songbird B
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Scary, Kafsoa! I hope that you get this sorted and your details are safe my friend. This is just plain creepy...

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author avatar kafsoa
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Thank you Songbird, Yes I've stored all my information and documents on a portable hard disk. I wish he'll not bother me again.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
9th Jun 2011 (#)

Very scary, well done kafsoa..

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author avatar kafsoa
9th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks Delicia, I wish nobody face this.

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author avatar richardpeeej
14th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks for letting us know about this kafsoa. You have to be so careful don't you...

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
29th Jun 2011 (#)

This is so very scary. Seems to me you handled this very well, kafsoa.

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
20th Jul 2011 (#)

Hallo, Kafsoa. It's so scary but you could manage it well. Thank you for your informative writing. Best regard.

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author avatar Retired
9th Jul 2012 (#)

lol you had a rather customized and very personalized epiosde of hacking..normally its like 'done with it and collect the ashes'..lolz

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author avatar Bets
5th Oct 2012 (#)

I've heard of hacking but not aware of how it's done. I do sweeps often on my pc and feel sorry your son clicked on something that may have led to being hacked. I didn't know it could be done that way. This is a learning situation for me. You were very kind to the person hacking your pc. Thnx for sharing your banterings with him. Keep writing; we'll keep reading. Smiles, Bets

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