Goodbye Horror Movies… Hello Baby

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The phenomenon of how pregnant women are suddenly terrified of horror movies.

Goodbye Horror Movies… Hello Baby

I used to love horror movies, there were a rare few that actually gave me the heebie jeebies. The gorier the better I thought watching the numerous Saw sequels, as my husband covered his eyes in repulse. Then one day I was watching an average horror movie, I can’t even recall which one and it absolutely terrified me. That afraid to even go to the bathroom by yourself for fear someone is hiding behind the shower curtain (why didn’t I get a see through one?), turn every light in the house on feeling.

And why all of a sudden this drastic change? I was pregnant simple as that. I mentioned this in passing to some of my girlfriends and those who had children recently claimed the same thing had happened to them.

Once that maternal instinct kicks on you can say bye to all your previously enjoyed frights. Is it that we can imagine our daughters (or sons) in these terrifying predicaments or the thought that they might come to some similar fate although I would like to think they have a little more common sense than to split up in that ‘supposedly’ deserted mental hospital. Luckily for the horror movie industry that western woman are having children later because as soon as that eggs been fertilized you can say bye bye to enjoying horror movies.


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