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Hustle and Bustle is the life in my city, but i still love it that way.

Lost Wallet

The day I lost my wallet.

I was returning home from work one evening, and as it was the custom I stood at the bus stop for close to 20 minutes before an empty bus came.

The first bus that came was not completely empty but before I winked, people had rushed in and it was full to the brim.

How was I to rush in as others did when I wore suit? I asked myself. But somehow, I knew I would definitely bungle myself in.

Then came the second bus that was finer and neater than the first, little wonder with so great a stampede, so many rushed in and occupied the seats.

Am I to disappear and appear inside the bus seated? But again I had no spiritual powers to do so.

On the one hand I had decided to jump or fly into the next bus that would come, on the other hand, I thought otherwise lest what happened to me a fortnight repeated itself.

A fortnight, I had struggled with others to enter a bus while the bus moved. And as I hung on to the bus, I felt something departed from my shoe to make it lighter.

After the Bus conductor yelled so hard at me, I let go.

As I moved, I limped and I wondered why.

Had one of my leg grown shorter?

But as I looked down, I noticed it wasn’t my leg but my shoe. I had lost the sole of my left shoe.

I searched painstakingly for the sole, yet to no avail, so I said to myself that it was best I walked bare footed. I thought otherwise when I took a look at the ground I was to step on; so dirty.

Like someone with broken legs, I limped forward as I saw a gigantic bus drove in.

Such bus is called a “Molue” in my city.

A Molue is what that cartoon animation called “Maggic school bus”

A Magic School bus indeed it is, as the number of passengers it contains is indeed a magic. In my city, a typical Molue contained 49 passengers seated on both sides and 99 passengers standing at the walk way.

Amongst those that stood are the “door standing committee members”; they are those that stood at the door of the Jalopy while it moved. Some went as far as hanging on to the window when the door standing committee gets filled.

I remember I was once a member of the door standing committee, but the day I tried being a window hanging committee member, my phone smashed on the ground and a moving vehicle ran over it. Thank God it wasn't me that smashed.

The number of people that stampeded into the Molue was less as compared to the other buses. Maybe it was due to the fact that so many people detested congestion so they went for the bus that could give a bit of fresh air to them.

As I was about stepping my foot into the bus as a victor, I noticed my suit was stuck to something.

“Leave my suit!” I thought it was someone that declared him/herself an enemy of progress that resisted my entering.

An enemy of progress it was indeed. The rough surface that my suit was stuck to finally let go; but not without a tear.

While we moved on, it started raining and I thanked my lucky stars I wasn’t still at the bus stop.

Time for money!

The bus conductor asked for money and I dipped my hand into my pocket to bring out my wallet.

And guess what, my Wallet was nowhere to be found.

I know the next question you long to ask is “what happened next?”

Well, I will say, the bus conductor in my city isn’t as kind as those in your city.


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author avatar Kingwell
19th May 2015 (#)

Loved it! Blessings.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th May 2015 (#)

I have had some unforgettable experiences too. I was wearing a new pair of shoes and it started raining cats and dogs resulting in a huge flood. I took off my shoes and walked bare foot. Another time someone tried to pickpocket and I felt his hand within my pocket and he would not let go without some struggle. I was far away from home and it could have been real trouble to lose my wallet - siva

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author avatar flow1759
19th May 2015 (#)

Sivaramakrishnan-A I guess yours is not as funny as mine

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