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Here it is a crazy and very funny essay on a cow. I suppose anyone who reads this will burst into laughter. I hope you appreciate this

Here it goes the essay about the cow

"The Cows is a very successful animal in life. He is a female. He gives a man a milk but he will give more after his baby delievery. The cow and the god is same to the god therefore the cow is a sacred animal ti the hindus. But it is amazing that he has two legs. Moreover, two legs are forward and two are backward.

His whole body can be used but the more utilized is his milk. That is why we get milk, ghee, cheese, curd, milk shake, ice cream, milk body lotion, milk treat toffee, and etc.

"His motion is very slow. He also has another motion which is not a slow motion but that motion is from the back. This motion can be used as manure for plants though it smells like hell.

"He has one important organ used for attacking and defending that is the horn, which he uses more when he has her baby. He uses a special technique for attacking. He makes his his horn parallel to the ground and moves towards his enemy with a constant velocity. This is the special technique.

"He also has got a tails but it is different from other tails. The tail has hairs on the end of the other side. This is used to frighten the flies who constantly attack his body and he hits them with this hairy tail.

His feet palm is very soft when you touch it. That is why when the cow stamps a grass, the grass is not crushed.

"This is the cow."


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author avatar apagung
11th Jul 2010 (#)

haha good

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author avatar Mr Arrogant
11th Jul 2010 (#)

thanks!! haha

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author avatar Godwill
12th Jul 2010 (#)

That's really funny!

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author avatar Mr Arrogant
12th Jul 2010 (#)

Ha ha . it really is

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author avatar Denise O
30th Sep 2010 (#)

God sure thought of everything when making a cow huh. :)
Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar SiddiQ
4th Oct 2010 (#)

Really cool! Great share!

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