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This page will not give you funny Ecards for him but the cute quotes and hilarious birthday greetings to put on a card for your best friend, boyfriend or husband.

Free Funny Ecards for Men

Without leaving your computer or internet connection sending cute, funny and birthday E-cards on Facebook and Instagram to your boyfriend or husband is the best way to express your inner feelings to your loved once. There is no doubt that these ecards for Facebook has really given a great gift to all internet users because it is a fastest way to deliver your message with cool animated and still photos to your family and friends.

There are thousands of sites offering free and paid ecard services to internet users but in this lens I will expose all free resources for cute free ecards available on the web. You can use these free ecards to wish a happy birthday to your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member, you can also use these lovely ecards on so many other special events like, sisters day, Eid day, father day, mothers day, valentine day, Halloween, New year, wedding anniversary, friendship day, etc.

You can send these animated e-cards to directly on someone’s email address or you may also post these funny ecards directly on your Facebook status, Timeline cover or someone other wall.

Funny ecard quotes for him!

These are the ever best hilarious and cute quotes for funny Facebook e-cards; do not forget to select funny meme faces when you write these quotes on an ecard.

1. That awkward moment when you get a funny text in class and start laughing and everyone looks at you.

2. The awkward moment you wake up and realize that someone is mad at you with no apparent reason.

3. That awkward moment when someone that cheated on you like a year ago works in a common place and you talk to them because you don't recognize them!

4. The awkward moment when you answer your house phone and don't recognize the voice at the end, and turns out to be your mom!

5. That awkward moment when you realize that you have 1,650 friends and you are the only one still awake on Facebook.

6. That awkward moment when your mom's car breaks down at school and all the workshop teachers come out and jump start it.

7. That awkward moment when you realize Mario is the story of two plumbers addicted to mushrooms.

8. The awkward moment when you walk into your room and it's dark as hell and all of a sudden you hear footsteps as you turn around the first time and there's nobody there then you feel like someone is watching in two seconds later you look back again and your sister is just staring at you.

9. That awkward moment when you slam your face into your door because you forgot you closed it.

10. That awkward moment when your girlfriend wants you over and you have Diarrhea.

11. That awkward moment when you take the headphones out of your ears and realize they were never actually plugged into the computer.

12. The Awkward Moment when you're at the theater watching a movie & Out of nowhere your phone starts ringing so loud, and everyone stares at you.

13. That awkward moment when they tell you, your flight is full and you are delayed for 14 hours.

14. The awkward moment when the people print the stubby coolers upside down!

15. That awkward moment when you've been an awkward moment because nobody gets it!

16. That awkward moment when you learn how to sign awkward!

17. The awkward moment when you post a dumb status and you find out that the guy you like, likes it!

18. Awkward moment when your 10 years old sister thinks she is grown up and decided to move out

19. That awkward moment when someone hits into you, you say sorry man and turn around to find it's a woman.

20. That awkward moment when your manager wakes you up when you're in an important meeting with 3 others.

21. That awkward moment when the person next to you asks if you can smell his fart and then tells you what he had for breakfast!

22. The awkward moment when an ambulance almost on top of you giving it blues lights and you singing along to music in your car because you just haven't heard it!

Free Ecards quotes for Facebook

You can use the funny or serious ecards on your Facebook account for the following purposes.
1- Happy birthday wishes to your friends.
2- Invite someone for a friendship.
3- Offer a girl to become your girlfriend.
4- Make fun of your close friends with funny photo cards.
5- Show your anger
6- Show off your love to someone special
7- Send a silent message from your heart.

Thank You For happy Birthday Wishes for him!

Birthday thank you quotes for Facebook e-cards!

1. Do you want to say a special thank to all those people who sent you the happy birthday wishes? Feel free to use these birthday thank you wishes on your e cards and post it on your Facebook Timeline or status wall.

2. Thank you so much Facebook friends for all the happy birthday wishes and nice thoughts for my birthday! I had some good friends over for pizza and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting last night; I really had a great time! Thanks again and love you all.

3. First and foremost, let me pause and give thanks to the one and only one God, for giving me another day, and another Birthday, and a new good year. As I sit here, looking back over my life, and thinking things over, all of my good days, "all of my good days", out weighs my bad days, I won't complain, Thank you God.

4. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. You made a rough weekend much more bearable. Love y'all.

5. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It's easy to tell who really cares about me. There are my friends that don't bother to post anything, then my best friends that do post happy birthday, and my best friends use exclamation points. If you included a smiley face, well I think it's obvious what that means. Thanks again everyone.

6. Thank you all for all the birthday love! I was overwhelmed with all the people that wished me Happy Birthday! Thank you for making my day even better than it was! I love each and every one of you and miss you all!

7. It doesn't matter where you come from but what matters most is to understand where you going.

8. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes yesterday!!! I really appreciate it and to know that there are people out there who still really care about others. Thank you all again! I had just a lovely day at home.

9. Thank you very much all friends and family and relatives who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. Without you guys my world is not complete. Thank you very much. Love you all.

10. Thanks so much to everyone who sent happy birthday wishes, yesterday! It's overwhelming getting notes from friends and family, both near and far. Thank you!

11. This girl right here has the absolute best friends and family; thanks for making me feel so loved. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, you all are so awesome!

12. Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes my way yesterday. My day was eventful and filled with love. For all your kind words and thoughts, many blessings to you. Love and light!


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17th Apr 2014 (#)

I use a website to send ecards. They are fun and some are free to send. Wonderful idea.

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i did no.9 frequently

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