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Do you need some funny captions for our Instagram selfies? Use these clever captions for solo, couple or fail self taken pictures. It may also helpful for you when something goes wrong.

Funny Captions for Selfies on Instagram

Feel free to use these short funny Selfie captions with your Instagram photos or hashtags your weird photos. It’s not narcissism or mental disorder to get famous on the IG, so forget about medical science and listen to your crazy heart.

I'm not sure what I find more amusing: The young gay guys who post tons of photos of themselves with weird captions on the Instagram because they think they are really pretty when they are actually quite ordinary. Our self-esteem culture gone wild or the young gay guys who post tons of photos of themselves because they really are pretty, but then insist they are actually modest and self-effacing, like they just happen to fall in front of the camera every five minutes, always take a great picture with witty caption and are shocked that anyone notices. The former is human, endearing in a Muriel's Wedding sort of way. The latter is more complex. The false modesty is so transparent and obvious that it's hard to condemn outright; yes, it's cynically manipulate, a calculated pose, but in an adolescent, insecure way that is almost as endearing as Muriel's blossoming self-confidence. So keep it up, all of you. I'll continue to enjoy.

I love taking constant pictures and giving them cool captions because I've been trying to lose weight and you don't see the constant change but comments from others are inspirational and help me realize it's working and I love myself. If Selfie is the icing, then intimacy is the cake. Some cakes taste better without icing. Selfie excites but intimacy enhances. If your relationship is one dimensional, eat more cake.

Funny caption ideas for Instagram selfies!
1. Frying pan heart
2. Boiling body
3. Steel heart
4. Iron arms
5. Original iron man
6. Next captain America
7. King of wars
8. Looking for a bingo party
9. My Bold Cold
10. Never Bold Fuel Hot
11. Zoo Bold Person
12. Girly Bold Solid
13. Favorite Bold Unbolt
14. Shining Bolted Bold
15. Creamy Crazy Bold
16. Yummy Daddy Bold
17. Yearly Digest Super
18. Wavy Fuel Freezer
19. Buzz Fuel Cruel
20. Boring Fuel Gruel
21. Vocal Fuel hark
22. X-ray Fuel lace
23. Doctor Fuel motto
24. Commando jobs
25. Commando Comoros
26. Commando Ever
27. Commando Trainer
28. Faille Fair
29. Fair lead
30. Fair Fan
31. Faro sisal
32. Fair Priceless Trainer
33. Fair Trainer
34. Fair Trainer Rock
35. Faith Fair
36. Fetor Fair
37. Gunner Trainer
38. Ness Officer
39. Officer Cancer
40. Officer Nuts
41. Officer Firstar
42. Officer Rock Blond
43. Officer Star
44. Rock Block
45. Rock Junky
46. Rock veronica
47. Left Rock Rosario
48. Rock Trainer Wire
49. Right Star Commando Rock
50. Star Fair
51. Star Gossip
52. Star Rider
53. Brown Bear Gear
54. Blue Blurt
55. Blue Greedy
56. Blunted
57. Buggy Gold
58. Pink Conn Gold
59. Healthy Gear Blue Silver
60. Gear Cuddly A hart
61. Ginger Gear Gold
62. Sick Gear Kid
63. Swear Gear Shear
64. Gear Want to
65. Zinc Gold Cold
66. Gold Greed
67. Golden Gold
68. Lots of Naughty
69. Forbidden Gold Cuba
70. Greedy Gear
71. Pasta Greedy Resale
72. Greedy Games
73. Locus Hater Greediness
74. Greedy nee
75. Banana Greedy Notes
76. Lopez Greedy Hoed
77. Greedy Silver
78. Fresh Grande Greedy
79. Posh Gear
80. Regal egad
81. The Shopping glue
82. Flex Silver
83. Fake Silvering
84. Roses Mechanic
85. Bunch of Fuel Sequel
86. Fuel States Hot
87. Icy Hot mango
88. Robin Hot Prophecy
89. Hot Solid Mechanic
90. Cheetah Mechanic
91. Shrink Omaha Hot
92. Later Solid Bolides
93. Army Solider Slate
94. West Solid Fortune
95. Solid Grinder
96. Local Solid Topic
97. You cannot afford my touch
98. Attention pretties
99. Alaska going to melt
100. Last survivor
101. Blade in eyes
102. American summer guy
103. Potato punch
104. Fantasy wood

Ok I admit it! I am a little Narcissistic and I am addicted to pizza and junk food! And the more you know the crazier you sound.... I guess we are all Selfie addicts with narcissistic mental illnesses... Practice love not label! Because, you know, a Selfie on the Facebook or Instagram can regulate itself. It's best that we not worry ourselves over pesky little selfies gone wrong such as how the couples hugged each other by not taking proper care to prevent one spill after another. And why would any ordinary girl or guy want fame through selfies in deciding when and whether the captions or hashtags are satisfactory? Because, you know, a picture can regulate itself. Oh, and who's going to pay for the boost up a Selfie? Well, you can't expect the Instagram to do that. They're worth only a mere two billion dollars.


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