Fun with Advertising Slogans - Part 3

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This concluding part is the answer sheet to Part One and Two of this series. If you have not read or tried either, go to Part One first. If that is too challenging, try Part Two. After that, feel free to return to this article for the answers.

In this three-part series of articles, many advertising slogans were used to piece together a letter. The purpose of the letter is to motivate the reader.

In the first part of this series, a generally more difficult version of the letter was presented. The slogans were embedded in to the letter and the reader is expected to identify both the advertising slogans and which companies do the slogans belong to.

In the second part, the slogans were identified by putting the slogans in quotes and in bold font. The reader is then expected to just identify the companies to the slogans.

If you have not tried the first or second part, this article probably look out-of-place. You might want to consider looking at either or both previous articles before returning to this one.

As mentioned in the first part, some of the slogans may be past versions used by the company and any company could appear more than once. Here are the answers. There are altogether fifty-five (55) advertising slogans within the short letter from sgkeat to Moto.

1. Hello, Moto! (Motorola)
2. We make money the old-fashioned way….We earn it (Barney Smith)
3. The power of dreams (Honda)
4. Let’s Make Things Better (Philips)
5. Because you’re worth it (L’oreal Cosmetics)

6. Be all that you can be (US Army)
7. Where do you want to go today? (Microsoft)
8. The car in front is a Toyota (Toyota)
9. Taking you more personally (Qatar Airways)
10. Shift the way you move (Nissan)

11. Think Different (Apple)
12. Imagination at Work (General Electric)
13. Welcome to the Human Network (Cisco)
14. Information Driven (Oracle)
15. World’s Online Market Place (Ebay)

16. Buy it, sell it, love it (Ebay)
17. Life’s Good (LG)
18. Like no other (Sony)
19. Connecting people (Nokia)
20. Reach out and touch somebody (AT&T)

21. Express yourself (Airtel)
22. An Idea can change your life (Idea Cellular india)
23. Just do it (Nike)
24. Impossible is Nothing (Addidas)
25. I am what I am (Reebok)

26. A diamond is Forever (De Beers)
27. Enjoy (Coca Cola)
28. I’m loving it (McDonalds)
29. Put a smile on (McDonald’s Happy Meal)
30. Keep walking (Johnnie Walker)

31. The king of Good Times (United Breweries)
32. Where’s the beef? (Wendy’s)
33. We are number two; we try harder (AVIS)
34. No battery is stronger longer (Duracell)
35. He keeps going on and on (Eveready Energizer)

36. Take a deep breath (Skype)
37. Life unboring (Ikea)
38. Power to surprise (Kia)
39. Ultimate driving machine (BMW)
40. Once you pop, you cannot stop (Pringles)

41. Between love and madness lies Obsession (Calvin Klein)
42. The World’s Local Bank (HSBC)
43. For everything else there’s Mastercard (Mastercard)
44. Don’t leave home without it (American Express)
45. It’s everywhere you want it to be (VISA)

46. All the news that’s fit to print (NY Times)
47. Welcome to the World Wide Wow (AOL)
48. The best a man can get (Gillette)
49. Let your fingers do the walking (Yellow Pages)
50. It’s the real thing (Coke)

51. Everything we do is driven by you (Ford)
52. Have it your way (Burger King)
53. Finger Licking Good (KFC)
54. The world on time (Fedex)
55. Zoom zoom zoom (Mazda)

How many did you get correct? If you get:

a. more than 50 correct: Excellent
b. between 40 to 49: Good
c. between 30 to 39: Fair
d. between 20 to 29: Good try
e. below 20: You probably have other hobbies.

I hope you like this brain-teaser. If you do like to see more of such similar puzzles, do drop a comment so I can work on it. Who knows? I may come up with a series for publication into a book? It’s not a sin to dream, is it?

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