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A fun bug I found, which let's you get five nutpoints.

Free Nutpoints

As you may already know, you get 5 nutpoints for every person, who starts following you. It is all okay, however, Wikinut team has forgotten (or has left it available on purpose) that you can also follow yourself. Which is pretty weird.

How to follow yourself

It's as easy as following any other person. Just open your account, click "view your full public profile" and click on "Follow this author" on top left.

After this is done, check your nutpoints page. You should see a new line telling you about recently gained new follower. Which is you.

Say whatever you want, I consider this as a bug, which should be fixed. Anyway, as long as it's not fixed, you can still gain 5 free nutpoints by following yourself.

More free nutpoints

What else is interesting is that you can get free nutpoints for commenting yourself.

IMHO, comments section must be improved on Wikinut. For now I can comment my own articles just by entering fake details. This leads to getting 2 nutpoints for every comment and thus, makes me more popular. Or at least it may look as I'm popular.

Another thing is, anyone can comment under my name (Yup, Yasotaro), since commenting does not require logging in. Which is not a bug, which is a lack of feature, I suppose. With this lack of feature anyone under my (or Your!) name can comment anything like "I'm a cat farting and sneezing at once". This can be considered as a slander, which is against the law in some countries.

Final thoughts

I think Wikinut should disable the ability to follow yourself. Even leaving this enabled is not as bad as todays comments section.

I also think that comments section must be improved so that only logged in persons could comment. Being a guest is also an option. But I'd like my comments to be related to my profile, so that people could know, who's commenting and maybe those people might check my articles if they find my comments useful.

Anyway, I think Wikinut is improving everyday, so any lacks of features should be covered in the near future, I suppose.

P.S. 5 free nutpoints for following yourself!


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author avatar drelayaraja
10th Jun 2010 (#)

Nice point you have noted here. I too got 5 points.

Wikinut is improving and should improve.

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author avatar Sam Wormleighton
11th Jun 2010 (#)

Authenticated comments are coming in the next week or two. We have some small tweaks to the following system due at the same time too.

Until then - enjoy your ill-gotten nutpoints! ;)

Remember to mail any feature requests to the ChiefNut, using the Contact Us page, he loves to here from loyal Wikinutters.

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author avatar Yasotaro
11th Jun 2010 (#)

I didn't even think of getting a response from, as far as I think, Wikinut staff member. Looks like this service DOES care about its' users :) Glad to know it.

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author avatar La Verne
27th Jun 2010 (#)

Yes you are right. I think this is just a mistake but we can do something about it...

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author avatar Yasotaro
27th Jun 2010 (#)

Authenticated comments are working! This is a great improvement, thank you for your work!

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author avatar RitaH
18th Jul 2010 (#)

this sounds like a nice idea... I do follow myself on some of my own blogs on Blogger and enjoy gaining interactions from my fellow friends there also..Good article!!

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