Foolish Logic

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When a foolish person learns logic, logic becomes foolish…hhaahaha…..

logic is not meant for fools.

In the Indian system of logic, it is said that when a person learns logic, logic becomes foolish. But, how?? Please keep reading…
A student asked, ‘Professor, I want to learn logic.’
‘It is simple, I will teach you,’ said the Professor. ‘Do you like fish?’
‘Yes, I love fish.’
‘Then I am sure you like water.’
What logic is this?’’Since you like fish and fish like water, therefore, you like water.’
Continuing further, ‘You like everybody’ said the Professor.
‘What logic is this?’
‘You like fish, fish like water and everybody likes water. Therefore, you like everybody. Hence, you are not a homosexual.’
The student having got a glimpse of logic happily left the classroom, met his friend and asked, ‘Can I teach you logic?’
The friend said, ‘Go ahead.’
‘Do you like fish?’
‘No’ he said, being a vegetarian.
‘Then you are homosexual,’ was his answer.

Growing Old

Mother persuades her son to go to school. She says, ’Oh, Son! Are you not ready to go to school??’
Son says, ‘Mummy, nobody likes me at school.’
‘But, darling, you must go to school.’
‘But the teachers don’t like me at school,’ said the son.
‘But sweetheart! You are 45 years old, and you are the Principal of school. So, you have to go to school.’
A 45-year old man but psychologically still a kid. Very few people grow up in life; rest just grow old.


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author avatar Songbird B
3rd Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks for the chuckle, Jayababy...You made me smile with this...

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author avatar jayababy
3rd Jun 2011 (#)

Thx Songbird!

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2nd May 2012 (#)

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