Fishing on the River

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Enjoying family time with children and grandchildren is rare and precious. Making memories with them will last a life time superceding anything they can experience on the computer playing games or watching television.

Family fishing experience

Do you think that bait is an important factor in the field of fishing? To date we have used bread, chicken, hot dogs, pizza, hamburger and pork chops in our attempt to be the first to catch a fish since we moved into our new house on the canal. Catching the first fish of any kind, turned out to be a challenge for the adults; maybe it is because we think we are wiser in the art of seducing them onto the hook. Megan, our ten year old grandaughter, happened to be the lucky one who caught the first fish with her three foot long “Barbie” fishing pole. She would not cast it off the pier, just drop the line in the water and snap, a fish would jump on. This fish that she caught at our new home was a rather large catfish, which, to my surprise started barking, so it’s called, after they pulled it up on the dock to remove the hook. A barking noise that sounded rather throaty, deep and almost froggy, causing me to begin looking around for the neighbor's dog. My husband informed me it was the catfish making the odd croaking noise, so I moved in closer to snap the picture. Personally, looking at that one foot fish it appeared more to be moving its lips and attempting to talk. I began thinking that they were pulling my leg about where the barking sound was coming from. This barking sound we were listening to seemed to be everywhere and yet, nowhere; it must have been echoing from the sea walls scattering the sound all around us. I found them to be telling me the truth as I knelt down to almost two inches away from its mouth, the supposed source, and listened to it's kind of funny “barking” noise. Soon after they threw the catfish back in the water, Megan caught another fish which her grandpa called, Sailor’s Choice.
Another learning experience for me (since moving here there have been several learning experiences by the river in a very short period of time) as these types of fish are considered by him, to be the “crème de le crème” for eating. However, one must be extremely careful taking them off the hook for cleaning as they have spears or thorns on their fins. These spears are a protective feature for the fish from predators, namely on this particular day, we humans. My daughter, Gina, caught the third fish in the challenge. Another good sized catfish that didn't make very much noise at all, just calmly waited for it's release. Following Gina’s catch, my older daughter, Lisa acquired a trout on her hook. She reeled it in after much work since we learned they put of quite a fight trying to escape and when it flopped up on the dock, it bit her little toe. She was done for the day and told her dad, this isn’t for me. “I can’t believe that thing actually bit me!” Needless to say, I was the last one to catch a fish at our new home and that fish was caught today, three and a half weeks into our challenging adventure. I am not proud to announce that the Sailor’s Choice that tried to eat all of my bait, did a fine job. We were using left over pork chops from dinner thinking surely it would be the perfect bait. No matter what Jim and I did to try and catch the flashy spiny fish, all they managed to do was eat the bait and run. They sort of formed a group effort together and attacked the dinner we provided from all angles, thus grabbing the bait, not the hook and leaving. We could see them less than a foot into the water, five or more which looked like fifty, grabbing at the food and rushing away. Sneaky, smart little fish if you ask me, swimming rapidly away with a huge smile. If not for the catfish and their barking, I swear I would have heard them laughing.
The fish I caught was a medium size catfish and I felt really sorry for it. After pulling it up on the dock, it began flopping back and forth, the gills were pulsating wildly and it was making that throaty deep froggy barking noise. The eyes of the fish locked onto mine and I could almost hear it say, “Please let me go I don’t taste that good anyway.” This was told to me by my husband who is an avid fisherman so I trust he was telling me the truth.

I don’t think fishing is my forte’, I will stick to watching the dolphin and manatee play in the water while the others do the fishing. Writing about the adventure certainly is much more fun. The nurse in me truly doesn’t want to harm anything, yet it sure was funny watching them steal the bait. This house is simply the most entertaining and refreshing place we have had the pleasure to reside. Surely, it will give us many more days of exciting adventure to embellish and write about.


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