Finding Pancakes

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I guy goes to pick up some pancakes. His story is probably more common than we think.

The Pancake Discovery

I walk into a grocery store looking for pancakes but I do not see any pancakes. I ask the manager where are the pancakes and he takes me in the back to show me the pancakes and instead shows me a giant tub of mashed potatoes that he proceeds to jump in and start swimming in it and claiming that his meatloaf is on fire. The other retail clerks come running in the back to see what is going on and start freaking out at the site of their boss obviously having a breakdown of some kind. One of the clerks calms down and goes and gets some butter and starts throwing butter into the mashed potatoes and then a bear comes into the store and starts eating all the honey and then eats every retail clerk but leaves the store manager alone with his mashed potato bath. The manager then gets out of the mashed potato bath and starts running through the store screaming about winning the big game and then starts to lick the raw meat in the meat counter. He is obviously completely out of his mind at this point but I find it funny so I just watch. He then disappears into the back and comes out with a stuffed deer who he calls Floaty and starts kicking it and blaming his lifelong hate for green jello on this stuffed animal. At this point I am getting bored so I head to leave and as I am leaving I find the pancakes I originally came in for and take them out of the freezer. The manager than becomes sane again and tells me he will ring me up in the front. He tells me he was glad he could help me find my pancakes and I thought about it an realized in a strange way he did because after all the crazy things I witnessed it made me leave out the other side of the store and there were my pancakes right as I was heading out. He really went above and beyond to help me find my pancakes.


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