Feeling good about your age in a society where you are either too old or too young!

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An amusing story about getting chatted up by a teenager, and my thoughts on ageing

'Late to bed, late to rise makes a man unhealthy, poor and stupid'.

Today I was approached in the street by a fifteen year old boy. ''Excuse me, how old are you'', he asked. I didn't quite follow, and asked him to repeat the question. When I told him the answer he looked quite taken aback. ''Well, you're fit'' he replied. It was one of those out - of - body experiences you have in life, and I laughed my way all the way to the supermarket - I even phoned my mum to let her know!

So it got me thinking about ageing. When you hit 'a certain age', you notice the signs of ageing starting to creep across your face. Despite knowing about the healthiest time to sleep and to avoid sugar to stay wrinkle - free, we can sometimes remain in denial about eternal youth. Remember, that age when you could be a human dustbin, stay up all night and STILL look great?

I spent the best part of my twenties being made to feel I looked too young, and would frequently be asked during my years teaching in schools if I was a sixth former! Fast forward to 2013, and I am overlooked on a filmset for one particular scene where they needed the extras to look in their twenties! That was harsh. Ageing is always a tricky subject, but surely we should embrace the ageing process?

I believe the main thing is to be healthy, to get your beauty sleep, and try and face each day fresh and optimistic. The problem is that these days with the internet, mobiles and the erratic pace of life, it can be hard to establish the elusive healthy routine.

However I do know routine is key, especially if you think about babies and children. Many parents strive for years to maintain a regular routine with their children, with fixed mealtimes and bedtimes, only for these to potentially be lost once they reach adulthood. There was one girl I used to live with however, who would have a bath every single night like clockwork - she also always got into bed early, before ten o'clock, even in her twenties. They do say 'early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise'. In other words, 'late to bed, late to rise makes a man unhealthy, poor and stupid'. Oops!

Apparently the healthiest time to hit the hay is before twelve, and certain celebrities adhere to this - most famously JLo. If you look at how well she's aged, she's testament to the fact that late nights are a 'no - no' if you want to look your best the next day. I actually noticed once how going to bed at ten o'clock each night made me look much younger, and my skin appeared more hydrated. There really isn't a beauty product that can replace the need for good quality sleep, and I always laugh at advertisers' claims.

The other tip to a healthy complexion is to drink a large bottle of water every day, to improve the skin's elasticity. Drinking water also flushes out toxins from the body - as well as exercise - and also seems to banish cellulite. I tried cutting out caffeine as part of my diet once, and really noticed all the lumps and bumps smoothe away - it was amazing. I for one though won't be going cold turkey on caffeine, and will be sticking to one cup a day. I have found it's good to establish habits you can maintain, and green tea just isn't going to cut it for me in the morning!

So in terms of ageing, in a world where you seem to be either too young or too old, my conclusion is this. You will never be any younger than you are now, and if you get asked for i.d or chatted up by a teenager, think of it this way: when you're a granny you'll be wishing you had those days back. Be where you are, and accept that some days you may look older, others younger. They do say if you look happy it makes you look younger, so let's go with that. Keep a smile on your face as the best beauty product, and a spring in your step. Just be sure any prospective partners you meet are age appropriate!


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
9th Oct 2013 (#)

Good Evening, Authenticme

I'll have to write this quickly to be in bed by midnight per your advice, so just want you to know this was a fun read as well as reinforcing of many good habits. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Authenticme
9th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you!

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author avatar Michelle Stanley
11th Oct 2013 (#)

I liked reading this, and do agree that going to bed early makes one look and feel younger. However, I don't always follow that routine, and I like a good cup of coffee to wake me up too.

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