Facebook is funbook.. No more No more

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There was a time when "facebooking" was fun.. why it has changed… read on

Facebook is funbook.. No more No more

Few years ago.. one of my friends told me impatiently, “dude you got to try Facebook. It’s the new thing out there.. no one uses Orkut anymore. This one is defiantly the coolest thing ever!” and I thought it was a little overrated till I actually visited the website. I was surprised and impressed. What a beautiful idea.. what a fun place to be.
So I started using it, it was fun indeed. I would post a status about a bad day at work, and there would be 30 replies and suggestions following it. I would say anything about people that I didn’t really like.. I could say the funniest and most controversial things on Facebook. That was so entertaining and so different from real life around….

But then the idea of Social networking is.. you got to add people from every part of your life. Which means your colleagues, your bosses, your in-laws, your students, or teacher for that matter. Things have changed since I have 250 people on my friends list… I can now say so much going around in real life.. but I have to be damn careful when I am on Facebook. I cant say things about my work (bad things of course) because my boss is in my “friends” list. I cant say anything about my in-laws, my students, teachers, neighbors… I don’t lie but I can’t tell the truth either. I don’t want to end up like the Cisco fired (before hired) employee, who before starting her job at Cisco wrote,

“Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work”

OOPSSSS.. that got her fired before she even started the job next day.

So you get the point right? its becoming complicated. You got to turn the privacy settings on.. make sure you don’t say anything nasty about people who have the power to do something nasty to you in return. Once you take day off from your university or work or excuse from in-laws party… DO NOT.. Put the same fun day pictures on your Facebook albums.

I am careful now and the fun is lost. I am actually thinking to launch my own website/sites to resolve the issue. Websites would be named as following,

1. In-laws--facebook.com
2. work-facebook.com
3. friends-facebook.com
4. teacher-facebook.com

anymore ideas are welcomed.. we all need a place where we can be really US..can say whatever we want.. against whomsoever we want… lets build another one… Facebook is not that place anymore.


Facebook Is Not Fun Anymore

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
1st Oct 2011 (#)

You start a site myself.com so that you can post whatever comes to your mind with none the wiser. It lets you to get some things off your chest.

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author avatar Stranger in Light
1st Oct 2011 (#)

Okay :)

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author avatar Brixham Kiwi
7th Oct 2011 (#)

I agree totally - when is a friend not a friend - scary territory! Love the idea of separate Facebooks tho :-)

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