Evil Deeds are Always Rewarded

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When you do something which is really bad and are rewarded for it

On Line at the Total...

The customers are lined up. The Petrol Station’s mini mart was the only place open this time of night. It was the last stop before one entered the rural district.

Everyone had some item they absolutely needed to purchase before going home.

I had just filled the motorcycle and using a credit card meant I had to come inside to pay.

I was last on line. Not unusual.

I am always last.
The last to know, they last to buy....last.

(This is why anything telling me..”You Won” is immediately deleted as Spam.

Ms. Oblivious

The cashier, despite the crowd in front of her, was deep in quarrel with her boyfriend on her cell phone. What else? People are owned and operated by their cell phones, which put out radiation which makes them blind and deaf.

Hence, so intent on her conversation she was oblivious to the customers.

Her boyfriend had lied and she was going to get to the bottom of it, even if it took the next five hours.

I know the contents of her private conversation because I heard them, even some of his responses. Not that I was interested.

The mumbles of the proto-customers turned to grumbles, getting louder. To avoid distraction, the cashier turned her back, and moved a bit out of range.

How long people would stand on an unmoving line watching the cashier’s drama while
waiting to pay for their items was not very long.

Many passed rude remarks as they stomped out, leaving their aborted purchases on the counter.

I needed a pack of cigarettes, and also should pay for my petrol. I was now at the top of the line, and seeing the ‘new girl’ sort of hiding in the corner, I asked her for my smokeums, and she handed me a pack.

Making a compassionate gaze at the cashier, I said in a clear voice;

“I don’t want to disturb her, I’ll pay for my items when I come back,” and walked out the door.


I walked out the door, got on my motocycle and rode away. Yes, I did that. I rode away without paying.

It was so insane, I started to laugh. I had to pull to a shoulder on the road. I don’t believe I did that! I went over the scene, because it was unbelievable. I really did that!

When I was capable of riding, I continued home, the dopey faces of the new girl and the cleaner, as well as the Cashier burnt in my mind. No one expected me to behave that way.

Not even me


After a few days of repeating my story to all and sundry, I felt a little guilty.

After all, someone would have to pay for my gas, my cigarettes, and I might as well go back and face the music.

Besides, I finished my cigarettes.

As I rode back I practiced my apology. And was ready to pay.

If the boss was there, in the most damaging but polite way, explain about the Cashier, the Cashier’s private conversation, the crowd which abandoned their purchases, and how much money he lost because of her.

The usual fart and look at the other guy.

Anyway, heretofore I had been a good customer, and could be trusted.

The Culmination

I pulled up at the mini-mart and stepped in, a mix of contrition and justifiable annoyance.

The Cashier looked at me, and gave me a beaming smile, it was a good thing I had my darkers on.

“They told me what you said, and I really appreciate it...” she exclaimed.

Feeling really embarrassed and confused, wanting to apologise for stealing the items, but taken off guard, I glanced around the shop, saw a Teddy Bear.

To divert, I asked the price.

“Oh it’s free if you have a coupon..." the Cashier informed me, and before I could
speak; "Come...” she says.

She took me to the far left of the shop, to an aisle of stacked loaves of bread, and began searching through them.

I wanted to tell her not to bother, but the Cashier was totally engrossed in her task.

In a minute she had found the loaf with the hidden coupon, gave it to me with a beaming smile.

In a daze, I went to the counter, paid for the bread, got the Teddy Bear, thanked her, and wandered out appreciating that evil deeds never go unrewarded.


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author avatar Retired
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Good twist at the end.

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author avatar kaylar
1st Nov 2015 (#)

This is ... unbelievably...a true story. It actually happened the way I wrote it.

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author avatar M G Singh
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Unbelievable, but a lovely tale.

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author avatar kaylar
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Than you Madan

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting Post!

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author avatar kaylar
2nd Nov 2015 (#)


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