Entrance Test

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Mr. John went to heaven. But the entrance test was a bit tough. But the mercy of God gave the Grace mark and helped him to enter in.

Entrance Test

Mr. John was a good man. He was doing many good things and had been lovable to all. He never wasted his time and had been thinking about the need of others and keeping himself busy in serving others.

One day death embraced him and took him to heaven. St. Peter was at the gate of heaven who greeted Mr. John and welcomed him. St. Peter said, “John, you have come to the gate of heaven. Here we have certain methods of allowing people inside. You need 100 points to enter into heaven. Please tell me all the good things you have done. I shall give you certain number of points for all the good deeds you have done on the earth. When you reach 100 points you will be allowed to get in.”

“Okay,” said Mr. John and began to give a list of all good deeds he had done.

“First of all I had been good to my wife and children, a good husband to my wife and a loving and exemplary father to my children. I loved them really made them walk in the path of God.”
“That is wonderful John,” said St. Peter, “you have got five points.”
“Five points?” wondered Mr. John. “I had been regular to the church and supported the church in all its activities.”
“Good! That is certainly worthy of two points” said St. Peter.
“Only two points?” said Mr. John in a puzzled tone.

“How about my charity works in a hospital and helping as many people as possible?” asked Mr. John.
“Sure, that brings you two more points”
“Fantastic! Your charitable works fetch you two more points” the fisherman of Galilee said in a calculative tone.

“Only two?” said Mr. John in a shivering tone. “At this rate the only possible way for me to enter into heaven is the Grace of God!” stopped Mr. John.

“Well said, now come in” St. Peter took Mr. John into heaven!


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author avatar Jeremy Mailman
7th Aug 2010 (#)

Nice ending. lol, 5 stars!

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author avatar Humza
29th Nov 2010 (#)

i mean in just a few lines u said it all writer
we think that our good deeds which also come from GOD's blessings and will, we think that its enough for making ur way through heaven but thats where the thigs go wrong, as stated above our deeds are not eve worthy of 10 points then how ridiculous is it to think that we alone can make it
GOD's mercy and grace is all what keeps u protected and makes u pass the test in the end!
thanks alot for sharing i wud never ever have thought of saying so what u just said in merely few lines

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