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A trip to France to learn the French language. With me I had my little Yorkshire terrier Monique. She made an impression on everybody and also the conductor on the train couldn't resist her.

The Preparation

Many years ago I went to the south of France to learn French. I looked forward to the moments of leisure. And – not last, the finest French red wine.
The day before going by train to Paris, I gathered the most essential things for the journey. These were of course my toothbrush and my shaving kit as well as some indispensable gadgets. They filled three regular suitcases and two textile bags. No matter how I tried, I did not succeed to control my “French household goods.”

The Journey Begins

I did a thorough run-through I eliminated everything not necessary for me to stay. Two suitcases and a bag remained. Monique, my little Yorkshire terrier, lived in that bag. I could not leave her behind. Lucky as I was, a couple of my friends coming to see me off, helped me on the train. As I at last was installed in my compartment, I sank down by the window and looked out over the landscape, flickering by.
Arriving in Copenhagen,

The Proposal

I felt that the ADVENTURE would arrive any minute. How true, as the train started to move again, there was a knock on the door and a French-speaking conductor appeared. He received my ticket and cut it.
“Where is the dog’s ticket?” He asked and pointed at Monique, dancing around on the soft pillows in the compartment. “The dog’s ticket?” I echoed astonished. “Yes, the dog must have a ticket of its own, answered the kindly, but slightly annoyed conductor. “But I have no permit for the dog, only myself,“ I said resigned. The conductor showed the real technique of compromising: “Monsieur, I have a suggestion. Tomorrow morning there is a customs check. I could see to it that the customs would not bother you. The little dog could move freely around the compartment. No other passengers would come to this compartment. Wouldn’t that be worth something, if you in return do not need to pay the full price for a dog’s ticket?”

The Acceptance

I have to admit that I was puzzled a couple of seconds before I realized what this magnificent French actually meant. But then I suddenly saw the scope of his offer. I told him humbly that I would agree. This arrangement implied that I would be quite undisturbed in “my” compartment. I would avoid irrelevant questions from the customs the following morning, and other travelers would not bother me. The result had probably been – if I had refused - that Monique had been sitting in quarantine.

The Arrival

I was fully rested and fresh-looking as I arrived in Paris. I went to the meeting-place, where I was supposed to join the rest of the course participants. Our journey should continue to Montpellier. The train for the south of France should leave at 22:00 a clock in the evening. Finally, I succeeded to find my fellow travelers. I managed to get on board the train, and in that moment it was pretty clear to me that there was no sitting place for me on the train. Several of the female passengers in my crew were willing to put their place to disposal -, not for me though, but to Monique. Obviously she needed less space than I did. I was forced to spend the night on the floor in the anteroom of the compart-ment. I had my overcoat as a pillow. It is still a mystery for me, not only that I survived the night, but that I slept a lot. It must have been due to the rocking of the train.
The following morning I still felt as a bulldozer had run over me, but we were almost there! We were shaking in a bus full of garlic fumes, and I could see the outline of our castle. My mind took a jump.
But that’s another story.


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Born in Turku, Finland. Now living Sweden. A criminal defence lawyer for almost 40 years. Now retired. Fond of writing and reading. Spears. Swedish, Finnish, German and English.

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author avatar Phyllis Smith A.
13th May 2013 (#)

Carl, I enjoyed reading this story. How I long to see France one day; going there to learn French would be one of my life's dreams fulfilled.

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author avatar Carl J Johnson
13th May 2013 (#)

Thank You for your comment.
I am glad You liked the story
about my Little Yorkie.
Best wishes,

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