"Do you know who that crazy lady is up on the hill?"

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Being new in the neighborhood, not knowing anyone, the calling for their escaped dog was dismaying to one of the neighbors.

New to the neighborhood

They were the typical couple, the couple who had just moved in. They were in their late thirties, the typical one boy, one girl family , making it the usual foursome. The boy wanted a dog, and a couple they had recently met had taken in a dog that had been abandoned on their rural county road. “Do you think your son would like this dog?” The dog was a beautiful white-to blonde mongrel, a long haired female -actually a pretty and desirable creature, in spite of being just a mutt. Yes, they would take it.

A new dog!

The name chosen for the dog was Crystal, a name agreed on by all in the household. She was an inside dog, but kept solely in the downstairs family room. She was only taken out for walks and to do her bathroom duties-not allowed to run free. Though a bed had been placed along one wall for her, she had been discovered sleeping in one of the overstuffed chairs. For that she had been scolded and lightly disciplined.

Escape !

One day she managed to get out, and ran down the steep driveway. She stopped at the road and turned to look back up the driveway at the mother of the children, who had seen the escape attempt. The woman began yelling loudly. “Crystal! Crystal! You get back up here right now! “ She did this several times, while the man of the house ran down through the yard, and through a neighbor’s yard to get to the road. He had hoped he could get the dog to come to him, and then get her back home.

A frightened teen-aged girl

While running through the neighbor’s yard, he passed the teen aged girl who lived there, whom he’d never met. Before he could explain his intent, the girl asked him a question. The expression on her face was one of dismay, with a bit of fear. “Do you know who that crazy lady is up on the hill at that house? Why does she keep yelling my name, and telling me to get up there? Puzzled at first, the man asked her what her name was. “Krystal with a K” was her reply.

A calming explanation

. When he was able to stop laughing, he explained to the girl that their dog ‘Crystal’ had escaped and had run down to the road, and that the ‘crazy woman’ was his wife, who was simply trying to get the dog to come back home. After they'd both stopped laughing, the man introduced himself to the girl, and, with a sigh of relief and a smile, she welcomed him to the neighborhood.


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author avatar Len Addington
17th Mar 2018 (#)

Well written. Personable. You should send this to other publications.

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author avatar Brenda Wilson
5th Mar 2019 (#)

Lightened my day, so much fun to read!

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