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"All we have to do is think clearly" some of our 'best authorities' say, but, the question and answers these series of pages will pose is the reality that there is more to do than "just think". I will phrase them in the form of stories, prose, parables and fables.

Don't you wonder why?

It computes. Once it computes, it gets to be a real solution instead of a real problem. To get there, you must work through wondering why to get to the real answers. It is a voyage to reality, not a "perfect destination" that is static. Reality is a dynamic process of working with the why, if the question is there, the realistic answer is there and I can only say this, even the Wright Brothers learned to fly with the birds, and they were bicycle repairmen. Sure, I will give hints and put the bird in your hands as we go along, but, why am I speaking this language, because it will compute if you ask and work deeply enough with it.

Life outside the little house of cards.
To solve problems, we must be real with ourselves and in complete concert with reality, yet ready to grow past the reality we are in. We must all have total patience, understanding and tolerance with reality as a whole to grow past it. Leave the irrational God-like ego at the door, roll your sleeves up and get started.

After you wonder why, work on what works with that why.
This is the essence of the real and genuine golden helmet that protects you from real confusion: Be genuinely creative and flexible, and all else will be added. Sure, that seems too simple, but is it. When something becomes too normal most of the time, it is time to grow to the next level. There is not a ceiling on existence. Sure we stand on floors, but does the universe stand on floors. No, it constantly expands to hold everything, and every concept there is or can be.

I never wonder why, I just find out how and when and then follow through, the why comes naturally.

Welcome to the show. If you are not willing to grow, you cannot handle the reality.

The best realities are made through growing into what, when, where, how and why. It is not made through already knowing it. Without growth, life is just a "show of keeping up with" normal. With growth, life is unlimited genuinely. Do not fear growth and change, it is all good and it does compute.

I remember when my Dad died in 1991, I realized that it was for his growth and his time was over and done here. It was time for him to find more of his answers wherever they were. But, like anyone I was angry and did not want that phase of growth to happen at first, then like the lights come up to bright slowly in a movie theater, I understood and understood fully. Like the title of this section says.

You see, there were these two guys and Burl Ives.

What are you doing my good old man?
What are you doing my good friend?

Answer: Hunting.

What are you hunting?

Answer: Reality.

My answer is once you start hunting and live in the now my good old man, you will have the prize.

Answer: Yes.

We all want to be clairvoyant winners.

Even the worst of us want to be clairvoyant winners who win all the time. Who really does not want to succeed? Even the worst of us would like to know what good the future holds for us, and the worst of us would misuse that power. While the best of us would humbly use it right.

Let me explain the above: We all love to win, but who does like trial, error and trying? Nobody does really. Even the worst gambler would choose a guaranteed winning path if they had the chance, like Aladdin in the old story chose the "wish machine" of the rubbed lamp rather than working for the equivalent riches and "all that counts". The absolute worst of us would come up with another solution to this problem, the absolute worst of us would cheat without getting caught if possible, and love every minute stolen by cheating like Marion Jones the runner or Barry Bonds the baseball player and their steroid/performance enhancing drug scandals. If they could do it without getting caught, guaranteed, would they have? I am convinced so. I have seen the worst of human nature, and I have tried to be the best of human nature. Most people would cheat this way without conscience or a flinch if given the chance without getting caught. I am writing this article section, because I do understand, and sure sometimes I get so frustrated that can wish I was one of those people, but I have too much conscience in my blood and in my consciousness so deeply, that I would rather write something like this than be one of those people who can cheat without conscience or a flinch or a look back at what was stolen.

So, everybody wants to win clairvoyantly without the feeling of cheating or guilt, right? Yes, that is true. The so-called worst losers are the ones who will not cheat or win clairvoyantly in this way, but genuinely earn it. Why are they the "worst losers", because conscience is genuine and working in them, and that is a scary thing for those who would genuinely cheat. Back to the "we all want to be clairvoyant winners" thing:

The only way to get real and clairvoyant competence is not to cheat, but to genuinely earn it like a perfect and ideally feeling piano player. There is not any getting around the time and reality investment in life and existence it takes to earn something by the genuine law of reality. When you cheat and nobody knows it but you, who do you think you are really cheating when you look over that shoulder or in the mirror when you did not earn it? I know, it is uncomfortable as a reality to deal with. But, to end this section by quoting Ella Wheeler Wilcox: "The only way out is through."

Without puffery or foolishness, I say:

Competence is what it all comes down to. You have to not be lazy, and be flexibly realistic, sure. But competence is what it all comes down to. With that said: All the above statements are geared toward incitement. They are geared to incitement toward self-mastery, and genuine goal achievement. When I write about goals, I do not just mean "make a million dollars in five years" or something like that. No. I mean winning a real existence and life that counts to you personally.

Listen, when I write and you read, that is part of the genuine achievement of all my goals. I did not say "all", but it is a definite part of the achievement of all of my goals. When the goals of anyone are too simple like "make a million dollars in five years" or something like that without elaboration, something is genuinely wrong. When you have a full spectrum of ideas of what you want to achieve and you are genuinely on your way to doing so, something is genuinely right and everything inside you is fully competent.

Sure, I can make this more complicated and "interesting". But, is not the sort of competence I am writing about what it all comes down to? Is not the reality of the situation simply achieving your real goals and being willing to do what it takes to achieve them the real and genuine purpose of life? To both these questions, I say yes. But, what your reality is and comes down to is what your reality is and comes down to. Indeed, only you can answer yes or no for yourself. But I know my answer is yes.


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15th May 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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I want pictures, Dude!! Pictures!! Eye candy!! :)

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Informative and honest, sorry no "eye candy" here 'dude'...

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