Diet food and guest

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Food fads are making it increasingly difficult

Middle-classes are becoming health-co

Diet food and guest

Diet food and guest

Food fads are making it increasingly difficult to have meals with friends

Soaring food prices of everything from tomatoes to tapioca, from potatoes to pumpkins, are part of the problem, beginning to think twice before having people over for lunch or dinner.

The real problem is diets. It's likely that many of the people you know, gender and age no bar, are on some sort of diet or other. Everyone have different diet from everyone else.

Middle-classes are becoming health-conscious, and going on a special designer diet is even more fashionable than snapping APPLE MOBILE.

There's one diet, "Atkins" in which people will eat only proteins (meat, fish, eggs, pulses) and green vegetables, no cereals or carbohydrates, which are referred to "diet persons".

There are people who eats carbohydrates, but won't eat wheat because wheat has gluten in it.
There are non-vegetarians who become vegetarian on certain days of the week, like Tuesday, or during certain phases of the moon.
There are vegans who are not only pure veg but won't eat any animal products, like cheese , though food cooked in real ghee is exempt.

The pale diet, or caveman's diet, in which you are only allowed to eat only meat, and berries, and other stuff that grows in the wild.

When you planned to have six people over to dinner, you have to plan on serving not just six different dishes but six different dinner menus.

The host and hostess sit with pen and paper and try to work out who will eat what, and who won't eat what.
In the end, they give up the idea of having dinner guests and order in Chinese takeaway for one pizza.

So instead of inviting guests on dinner, serving them feast, Everyone will get together for a couple of hours to observe a common fast during which nothing will be eaten or drunk.

The fast feast will provide the perfect social evening, guaranteed to reduce both food bills and waistlines.

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