DIYs You Should Never Postpone – Devil Ghosts and Ghouls in Your House

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Several things exist in your house that can prove to be dangerous. DIYs such as carpet cleaning could change your spooky house into a lovely one. Leaving things undone cna spell disaster.

Birth of Banshees devils and witches

A house well tended is heaven. When we let things hang 'for just a bit', the place becomes a mess. It is best if we could try to keep the place where we live in the prime condition, since this improves the standard of one's life. It also makes the people healthier and house is more attractive. Visitors would commend the place and you would make more friends.

Run down houses are spooky. Clean houses are an inspiration. It is like sunshine and clouds. Though there will be clouds, one should know that the sun will be there.

On the flip side, there are the dark tales -- the origin of spirits devils and demons of the underworld. How does this happen? Read on to understand, how man lets time slip and this slip gives birth to devils and dragons.

Well-Kept houses are the Lighthouses for Posterity

Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Well, what I am going to tell you will show how these spirits devils and ghosts came into existence. It is not anything supernatural, though given the benefit of doubt one could create stories that are 'authentic'.

When you start tripping up on the carpet every time you cross the hall, you know that the cause is not an evil witch who has cast a spell on you. The reason is just that the carpet has come loose. There are things you could do about it. Primarily try to put it out of your mind. If your parents were watching you waltz across the floor, then they would probably thought that you were under the charm or spell of witches and wizards.
DIY #1: Fix the loose carpet

Windows swinging in the breeze provide inspiration for movies

Loud eerie sounds much like a banshee wails penetrate your dreams. Nobody pays much attention to them because nobody believes in lost souls and banshees anyway. Notice that you will not find any windows in those theatres where they screen these horror movies; they have it all recorded on the soundtrack anyway.
DIY #2: Fix that window

My encounter with demons

Entering the garden one late night, I turned around to see whether I had parked my vehicle correctly. Being in a pensive mood, I shuffled around a bit. That is when I felt the touch on my shoulder. It was a cold touch. I was contemplating putting up my hands or screaming; maybe the organized thought process stalled the decision and it was for the best. The touch was from the leaning pole in the garden that somehow was leaning a little further now. There was my ghost.
DIY #3: Fix that pole

Only as clean as the cloth

My mother was scolding me. She just could not understand how I forgot to clean the table after she repeatedly told me to do so. After all, I could remember to go and sit in front of the TV without any prompts and hints. Therefore, I went and wiped it again. Then I went back to the TV. Next thing I remember I got a solid whack only nut and I fell out of my chair. The table was dirty again and my mother was furious. What kind of devil was playing the prank I could not figure out, until I saw the dirty wipe cloth.
DIY #4: Clean the cleaning cloth

Pushing it under the carpet

There was a time last summer, when I remember I remember a time in last summer, when the house used to be dirty not just the hall or the kitchen, but the entire place. You could see dirt marks everywhere. For a week, we all ignored it. Then my mother passed a comment on the amount of dirt my brother was bringing into the house.

My brother went out of town for the weekend and then she turned her attention to me. She conducted a close inspection of my shoes, my feet and my shoebox. She was flummoxed. There was a devil in the house!

We decided to pray and we added a little extra effort in assuring God that the devil was evil and needed ridding. Early next morning the newspaper came as usual and it fell and one of its pages entangled under the carpet. When we retrieved it, the page was a dull brown in color. The carpet had failed the litmus test. It had been some time since the carpet had had some cleaning and naturally, it was spreading its bounty all over the house.

We hurriedly thanked God that we had found the 'devil'.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Great advice presented creatively! I loved your originality and humor. Well done!!

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author avatar snerfu
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks a bunch Phyl, life is so serious sometimes.

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author avatar Utah Jay
26th Jun 2014 (#)

A very original way to look at things.

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author avatar snerfu
26th Jun 2014 (#)

Good of you to say so Utah Jay, nice of you to give me a look up.

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