Cute Instagram Bios for Girls

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This is a super new funny quotes collection of cute Instagram bios for cool girls. This is also a great chance for you to become popular on the Instagram.

Funny Instagram Bios

Apparently there are things happening on Instagram and Twitter bios all the time that I don't know about. Guess I'm getting old since Facebook is starting to seem weird too. I forgot about Tumblr and MySpace for adults.

Cute Instagram Bio Quotes for Girls!

1. Sometimes the instagram Ing pretty everything culture is overwhelming and makes me feel un-cool.

2. What if the Zombie apocalypse happened? Would Facebook survive? "I think so. It would just be full of Zombies posting selfish of themselves, rather than weird duck-faced women doing it.

3. I respect your love for your pets but setting up an instagram account for your dog is pushing it too much.

4. Everybody I know is getting married and having kids and figuring out mortgages for their dream house and stuff and here I am sitting in my room watching Phineas and Ferb.

5. That awkward moment when you've just come to terms with the irony that you are an Indian working at a call center in America and then some lady on the phone congratulates you on being in the states because she "can't stand talking to those people from India".....

6. Some dude said "your the dude from Instagram" my response? "I have one" then I awkwardly walked away.

7. It's weird when your chick wants to follow me on Instagram because you like all my pictures.

8. I have to much clothes that When I don't know what to wear I look at Instagram and Facebook to remind me of all my outfits.

9. I hate when I hear people say girls shouldn't like this girls shouldn't like that I like watching football I like watching boxing I like playing basketball I like drinking beer!! Just cause I like those things doesn't make me less of a woman or boyish it's a free world to like and do as you please stop with the sexist crap.

10. A woman always gets offered date, that doesn't excite her how about offering her loyalty now that is something irresistible.

11. Those school uniforms are going to help alot of you guys dodge catching a case cause now you'll know if she over age or not.

12. Could I borrow someone's guitar for recording purposes this week? Preferably something studio-worthy! If you're up for some impromptu songwriting, I'd like to borrow you as well.

13. If your man annoys you by singing corny lyrics like” all my bitches love me” all I want is a big hoe" just sing “I got some down niggas I can call" see how quick he shuts up.

14. Guys are so easily influenced they listen to weezy Kanye Ross two chains and decide they wanna live that life on minimum wage and mad girls lets see how far that'll take you.

15. Short-lived character Patrick from The Walking Dead is the voice of Phineas from Phineas and Ferb. Thought everybody should know.

16. When I get a PS4 six years from now, I'm not buying a second controller. Guess how many times a friend has ever used my second PS3 controller? The answer is less than once.

17. I see a lot of people complaining about extreme feminism on Tumblr. Let me correct this misnomer. What you're encountering is called Misandry. There are kind-hearted feminists and scholarly feminists. They publish in journals. Not on Tumblr.

18. I may not be the prettiest, coolest, smartest, funniest, baddest, stylish and sexiest but it doesn’t matter because I promise you there's only one of me in this world.

19. If you happen to be over 20 years of age and you call fans of your music "kids", I have an inkling that you won't be reaching many people.

20. My computer just tried to tell me that this download was going to take 14 years. No thank you.

21. I was recently told the other day that I'm the most miserable looking person at work and that staff were concerned that I had no friends. I was informed of this by a surprised coworker who found me talking to another friend/co-worker and laughing hysterically. I guess my face is just that terrible naturally.

22. It's about the time of year that I want to have a Lord of the Rings marathon and subsequently realize that I don't have any friend’s patient enough to join me.

23. Why do I always get the creep instagram stalkers... would it hurt to make one of them attractive and just a normal chick looking to talk not some weirdo hoe with all the wrong intentions?

24. Sorry Facebook people if you got a weird message or anything from my Facebook that was my son... he jacked me for my phone again.
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