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How To Be Happy With NO Effort Required and explanation of Edith Wharton quotation about doing same. A little nonsense
"Sheep Dip For The Soul!"


If only we'd stop trying to be happy, We'd
have a pretty good time. EDITH WHARTON

My dear Edith, you have hit the ball out of
the park with this one, and it merits further
discussion. Once there was a hermit named
Senator Smiggley-Ritz. He had been a former Congress-
man, a Senator, but he resigned to pursue a life of thought
and service to his fellow countrymen. He was so disgusted with his former station in life that he burned all of his clippings and Congressional Records. It made a lovely fire and Senator Smiggley-Ritz knew that it would be the last time he would be warm that winter unless some kind soul offered him lodgings for the night.Then Senator Smiggley-Ritz moved into the great forest of The Beltway and built a rude shelter of limbs and branches covered wiith straw while he worked at building a one-room log cabin. He began writing his book after the little cabin was finished. He had a working title, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," but it seemed too politically inspired, so he changed it to
" Life Sucks" which was ruled out by his publisher as too short, so he worked on without a title. Meanwhile it became harder to keep up life as a hermit than he thought. His taxes were overdue; his credit ran out at Sturdley Bodine's Grocery & Hardware Store; and he badly needed a manicure. Worst of all he had run out of stamps to mail his continuing correspondence with the great writer, Edith Wharton who encouraged him to continue writing, but to stop signing his letters, "Love and kisses from your snookums, Senator Smiggley-Ritz" Now a broken, but not necessarily, wiser man he left the great forest of The Beltway and returned to his home town of Hurler, Ohio, and finihed his book which he now titled "I Quit Trying To Be Happy and I've Had A Good Time and Edith Wharton Too." The editor suggested a shorter version, "Good Times With Edith Wharton." It became a best-seller and Smiggley -Ritz was able to afford his hermit life-style with his soul-mate Edith Wharton. He was then hired as a lobbyist-historian by The Hub Cap Industries of America and was able to expand his cabin to a 14- room mansion with gardens. "I quit trying and now I'm happy as a bug in a brewery," said the Senator.


Despite Senator Smiggly-Ritz's best efforts his life started to fall apart at this. point. He had forgotten his own dictum and had began to plan his life again. Immediate-planning led to long-range planning which lead to (gasp!) Goals and eventually to Habit! It was a classic descent into chaos.

Edith Wharton left and returned to England to finish her masterpiece, "Masterpiece Theater Presents Edith Wharton.

Smiggley-Ritz lost his fortune gambling and became a greeter for Wal-Mart in Ducklow, Ohio. He married a local Girl Scout Leader and they raised an all-girl orchestra that gained fame on early radio as " Bert Bachrach and his Alka-Seltzer All-Girl Orchestra."
The Moral: Seek Not and You Shall Probably Find.


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
20th Apr 2012 (#)

Astounding sketches. Very impressive narration.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th Apr 2012 (#)

Did anyone tell you it reminds them of Allo Allo... Edith the poor harried wife and the the husband who has his young girlfriend with a cop who has the weirdest of pronunciation.

None the less, a good story.... Wonder if old Edith is on Chapter 38 by any chance, that is when most writers I see make a run to hide themselves to complete the book which was to help pay the gambling debt....

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author avatar mistyleaf
20th Apr 2012 (#)

Nice article. Thank you.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Apr 2012 (#)

LOL...great wit.:0) -and upstanding pictures that so fit...!!!

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