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We boys that were lucky enough to go to Summer Camp still look back fondly on those weeks spent away from the influence of ordinary life. There, boys could be boys...warts and all. I remember Ooga, Ooga, Camp Canooga!

Camp Canooga's Coming!

One of the great pleasures in growing up as a boy is to get away from prying parental eyes, siblings that snitch, school that stifles, homework that burns out the brain, lack of male company. and the opportunity to exercise all those abilities, constructive and destructive that boys rarely have a chance to demonstrate in a structured society. To be able to yell, wrestle, get dirty, muddy and not be yelled at by a girl you're annoying. Ah! the joy of it all! The Thrill of it all!
Two weeks of FUN! GAMES! DIRT! SWIMMIN!...Even a little SWEARIN' and TALKIN' DIRTY.
Oh, be still my beating heart!

Camp Canooga Cheer!

The first night campfire at Camp Canooga is full of high spirits, horseplay and enjoyment of their new found freedom which they celebrate with the Camp Canooga Cheer...

If we had to leave today,
We would stand up and say,
Goin' to Camp Canooga today.
Get the heck out of my way,
Ooga, Ooga, Camp Canooga!

The bears attack without provocation,
The whole staff is on probation.
The bugs and crawlies eat us alive,
From sunrise to half-past five.
Ooga, Ooga, Camp Canooga!

When I die, bury me here,
Where I drank my first beer,
At good 'ol Camp Faloogaroo,
On the Chatahoochiecoochieroo,
Aoga, Rooga, Booga, Rooogaaa!

Beloved old Camp Canooga,
On the banks of the mighty Watooga,
Just North of Mexico,
Just South of Texaco.
Ooga, Ooga. Camp Canooga!

The End of Camp....

Now, camp is over and we boys must return to a summer of endless chores, snotty little girls, summer school, painting fences, and just plain boredom. . Ah, but next year, next year it will be there again, and unchanged. A paradise for boys, a sanctuary away from parents and school and finally..from growing up. Ay! There's the rub,


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author avatar Delicia Powers
21st Apr 2012 (#)

Just divine fun...LOL...LOVE your drawings too!...:0)

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author avatar Count Sneaky
25th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks Delicia. Oh, it was fun! These drawings aren't mine but are Late Victorian clip art. They strike just the right note, I think. My best. Count Sneaky

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