Climate change!

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Illustrated joke about the man made climate change hoax.

Climate change!

One thing that is indeed certian is that the Climate does in fact change, it has been doing so since the begining of the onset of planet Earth's formation. Fluctuations from hotter periods to colder as well as the speed and severity at which they occured along with times of toxic high CO2 level enviroments have been ongoing forever. The current climate fluctuations we are now experiencing in recent times is not anything new nor unusual. This is not an endorsment to not concern oneself with the environment, However, one must be dilligent and use honest scientific scutiny on such matters rather than just jumping on board with whatever new boogyman the media is trying to make us belive in.


Climate Change, Global Warming, Global Warming Hoax

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author avatar Joyce Singha
17th Aug 2014 (#)

Indeed, global warming, global cooling and now climate change is a completely made up controversy by Liberals and Left. It has been made political with billions and billions invested in the continuation of this nonsense.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Sep 2014 (#)

Whether one believes in climate change or not, the main issue as far as I am concerned is the pollution. If the rest of the world catches up with developed countries in terms of standard of living and use of fuel, we will be in for big trouble if we rely on fossil fuels. The cities will become unlivable with consequent health issues - siva

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