Class was in session this day: "You have to wait your turn!"

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The grocery store served as a classroom for a young mother and her child. I was blessed to have witnessed a wonderful, thoughtful and fast thinking mother in action. At the same time, I observed how well we culturally "wait our turn".

Class is in session.

As I entered the line to pay for my groceries, there was a woman ahead of me with a beautiful child who appeared to be about 5 years old. She had big, blue eyes and wispy blonde hair. The child peeked around her mother, looking directly into my eyes and said to me with an impish grin: "You have to wait your turn".

I'm guessing that she has heard this phrase a number of times in her young life and she was "itching" to say it to somebody else.

Her mother quickly turned her head to me and mouthed, "I'm so sorry".

The conveyor belt began to move their groceries towards the cashier opening a space for me to place my items on the belt. The mother asked her child, "Is it her turn now?" The young child said, "Yes".

I thanked the child and began loading my groceries onto the conveyor belt.

I loved the way the mother took this opportunity to continue reinforcing to her daughter about the concept of "waiting to take our turn" instead of scolding her for telling me to wait my turn.

Something tells me this is a lesson the mother has been trying to teach her and I was honored to participate in the lesson.

Sometimes adults find reasons to not wait their turn.

The mother is doing a great job in socializing her child into our culture. As adults we understand this concept as we've all been told we have to wait our turn by our parents, a teacher or some adult.

Somehow, it seems that some adults can "forget" this cultural rule of waiting their turn.

Drive in almost any busy Californian city and be the first of four cars to approach a four-way stop sign. My experience is that if you hesitated, didn't do the California stop (that's where you actually don't stop but slowly keep on rolling and then pick up speed), someone just took your turn. They just justified taking your turn because you didn't move fast enough, you lose your turn. This type of person may create a problem for you. The other drivers may feel that you missed your turn and so you have to wait until they have all finished taking their turn.

Keep in mind if you are one of those folks that regularly practice the California stop and you are caught, be prepared to shell out some money and look for a traffic school so your driving record isn't impacted, i.e., insurance rate doesn't go up.

There is good reason behind the rule.

There is a reason that we are taught how to wait our turn. It provides a way to safely go about our lives. As in the case of the four-way stop, having a system of who's turn it is to proceed through the stop sign can prevent automobile accidents.

But let's examine some of the other ways we need to wait our turn.

When preparing to get onto an elevator or an airport tram, we wait our turn. The people currently in the elevator or on the tram need to disembark first before we get in. This ensures the people on the elevator or tram are able to get off of their ride and it is efficient when loading and unloading passengers.

Have you ever been in a situation where you meet several friends for coffee and conversation and one person is hogging the whole conversation? No one else is getting in a word edgewise. At least in this situation, someone can take him/her aside and coach for the next time. Maybe the person didn't understand how it is supposed to work.

Every now and again, there is someone who doesn't believe they have to wait their turn or they don't know they are breaking a cultural rule. Some people can get pretty ticked off if they feel you took their turn from them. Just this week there was a news story where a motorcyclist split lanes moving in front of other cars. On this particular stretch of road, it was not legal for a motorcycle to lane split. I'm guessing the motorcyclist was not familiar with that area and didn't know. Unfortunately, one inebriated fellow became enraged, feeling that his turn was taken from him and he attacked the motorcyclist. The enraged driver confessed that he was angry because the motorcyclist didn't follow the rule.

So let's review; when following the "wait your turn" rule, society should be able to go about their lives accident free, efficient and lower their chance of encountering road rage.

Seems like a pretty good rule to me


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