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A fun glance at dealing with dreary relationships that are endlessly annoying.

Center Stage

Have you ever had one of those relationships, where you ask yourself, “why do I even acknowledge this other person?” Okay, stupid question, of course you have. But sometimes those relationships/associations/whatever can last into long, dreary months or (gasp) even years because ending them is usually beyond your control. So, if you have a flair for the dramatic, you can have a little fun.

This is where you take center stage with your personal magnetism. Making an impression on others with your dominating nature will be annoying to some, but then you don’t care about that because this is your time to shine as a narcissist. For those of you with eyebrows raised in shock, please remember that the world would be very dull if everyone stayed on the sidelines unable to move outside those perceived boundary lines. Being on center stage is empowering and if channeled properly (eyebrows can relax now), allows you to get things done. The new leader in you will inspire others with your zany but idealistic ways.

If you look around, you will see that “Center-Stagers” are outgoing, self-assured and have a huge passion for life. Their enthusiasm knows no boundaries and thus, the determination to succeed in work and play becomes their main focus in life. That focus may be seen as controlling, vain and selfish (especially by those of you whose eyebrows have now become a non-surgical lift). But if you maintain your allegiance to truth and honesty, appearance doesn’t really matter because in your quest for narcissism, a new leader emerges. Let your free will liberate you from the proverbial “ties that bind.”
Center-Stagers know exactly where they are going: right into the comfort zone of the outrageous. “How can this be a comfort?” you might ask, but once your feet have landed on the ground in this new adventure, you will know that your dynamic self-confidence is your new comfort zone; remember that you are the narcissist in this role!

You can accomplish a lot on center stage and have fun doing it because most others will enjoy the ride as well. And the best part is that the narcissist in you will be “blissfully oblivious” to the folks who frown on you.


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author avatar j.m. raymond
12th Jul 2010 (#)

“blissfully oblivious” to the folks who frown on you.
You mean, somebody is actually frowning at me? As in disapproval? I've never heard of such a thing!
Good stuff, Maddy C.

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