Cats do feel embarrassed when they make a false landing.

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You may not know what your pet cat is thinking when it just sits comfortably in a corner, pretending that nothing had happened even though after it had failed to catch the bird that just flew by which ran away from its clutches second ago.

How to cats behave when they are embarrassed?

Scientist had proven that domestic animals especially cats, have various emotions including embarrassment, which are similar to human being.

If your cat has a purpose on doing some movement and suddenly failed to do so, it will show a "displacement activity". A "displacement activity" means the animal would naturally pretend that nothing had happened when it makes a silly mistake out of the actual position.

Just watch your cat behavior after it fell off a cupboard. You will immediately noticed that it will start to scratch its ear or groom its body, as if saying "Ah yes, that was the stunt I wanted to show you all the while.", just as an embarrassed human being might heal his own ego.

Don't be surprise that your cat will eventually perform this displacement behavior, whether or not another cat or human being is around to witness the embarrassing blunder. It is the natural instinct of a cat.

Do cats have other emotional feelings?

I am sure that most pet owners would not deny their elegant felines would show signs of various emotions that are similar to human being .

Cats are remarkable felines that show strong endurance to pain after a cat fight or a cat-dog fight.These felines do not howl or cry in pain even though they are in immerse agony as you can normally see on dogs.

They would usually scamper for safety such as running back to owner's home, hide under a vehicle, hide behind the sofa, bed or the refrigerator far away from the sight of the enemy while they nurse their injuries. They won't be hiding in their normal cat baskets because they do not wish to be found by other animals or human being.

Cats are self-reliance. They could self-relieved the pain independently. Pet owner may encounter difficult time to get near an injured cat to seek immediate treatment as it is fearful to further pains and prefer not to be disturb by anyone.

Hence, the cat would protect itself by displaying its anger such as hiss and spat or give you an evil stare.

Why do cats hide from embarrassment?

When pet owner deliberately had the cat dressed in cat clothing, it will feel extremely embarrassed when she sees her own reflection in the mirror. Pet owner may find the cat dress up beautiful or cute but not in the cat's opinion. Car prefer its' original appearance for the natural beauty is in its within.

It makes the embarrassed cat hide itself in a corner, trying to remove the clothing by scratching and pulling them apart with its sharp teeth and claws.

My pet cat doesn't even like the blanket that I covered her body during the night. She keeps pulling it off to the floor and prefer to sleep on cozy rug instead !

My Cat Funny Blunder!

We all know that cat loves boxes whether big or small as long it fits her in.

Occasionally, I would observed my cat as her curiosity grew when she encounter a box, especially a big long rectangular box. She immediately launched her detective skills, sniffing for clue, anything that might leap out and scared out her nine lives, meowing in high and low tone to announce that she is going in soon.

She pawed the box's side flaps and jumped int the box after she had confirmed that it is safe to snuggle in. When she realized that the box is not her targeted item, the embarrassed cat tried to leap out of the box unsuccessfully. She was frantic, scratching the box wit her sharp claws and yowling for help.

When I lay down the box on one side, she walked away nonchalantly as if nothing had happened. This is how a cat hide her embarrassment with high dignity.

Impressive, eh?


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author avatar Robb714
28th Nov 2012 (#)

They are wonderful creatures indeed.

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author avatar peachpurple
29th Nov 2012 (#)

thanks for dropping by. Indeed they are incredible creatures. I love them so much!

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author avatar vpaulose
29th Nov 2012 (#)

Congrats for the very first post with a star. Hope to see more.

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author avatar peachpurple
29th Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you for reading my post. I hope to get more views and badges too!

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author avatar peachpurple
30th Nov 2012 (#)

thank you very much for yr kind words.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Nov 2012 (#)

I always thought animals had similar feelings like us. Thanks for your affirmation at least as far as cats are concerned. I wished they smiled too! siva

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author avatar peachpurple
29th Nov 2012 (#)

Cats put on their sour face all the time but when it is meal time, they stroke your legs round and round that feels like fur wrap up your legs, isn't it?

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th Nov 2012 (#)

We have several cats, one of whom is hopeless, he has fallen off his cat tower a few times and often looks a bit like he is either confused or embarrassed.

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