Bring Back Line Dancing - All is Forgiven...

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Sometimes you can find something takes over your life completely - it is all consuming; you can think of nothing else and then, just as suddenly, the passion leaves you. It is lovely to find that, occasionally, it is good to go back and revisit something you have enjoyed

Line dancing? Why would I want to do that?

About fourteen years ago a friend waxed lyrical about a style of dancing that she intended to get into – line-dancing. She put on a video of people dressed up in cowboy hats and cowboy boots, standing in line and performing set moves to Country and Western music. I smiled politely. She told me that there was a class starting in a local village and was I interested. I smiled, politely, but was non-committal.

Two or three weeks later, with the prospect of a dull Tuesday evening looming ahead of me, I thought I might as well go to the class – at least I would meet up with my friend and have a bit of fun. Well, from the first few steps, the first “Yee Hah”, the first kick ball-change, I was hooked, absolutely and completely. We grapevined left (vine left), we grapevined right (vine right), we hooked and stomped and kicked and swivelled and clapped. I have danced all my life, ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom and a lot of what we did was familiar but so much more fun, so much laughter and no partner to worry about.

We learned about dance etiquette (dance in lines, don’t walk across the floor, you’re on the floor to dance – no talking!). I couldn’t wait for the next week’s lesson, more dances to learn, more moves to remember and again more fun and laughter.

Line dancing takes over my life

I inveigled another friend to join us and soon she was as hooked as me and one lesson a week just wasn’t enough, so we went to another class in our local town and then to another class in another village. We met more people, we learned that there was a more advanced class in Exeter which we went to (we did drop the beginners class at this point...); we practised at home, we watched in envious fascination as a teacher and three of her friends performed “Black Coffee” to be taught the following week. We couldn’t wait; we looked it up on the Internet and practised until we were foot perfect. We Boot Scoot Boogied, we Flew Like a Bird, we Tush Pushed and Country Walked and were we pleased when we conquered Livin’ Da Vida Loca? Hell Yes!

On a Friday evenings there was a line-dance disco at a seaside town near to us. Talk about crowded – we were shoulder to shoulder and boot to boot. No chance of an error, one turned we all turned! There were monthly evening dances to live bands. We wore jeans and shirts with collar points and of course cowboy boots. However, every love affair begins to lose its buzz after a while; for one friend it was her knees playing up – all that twirling and turning (and knee popping...), for another friend it was the dance Titanic where we moved across the floor en-masse with our arms out held (think of around forty or so 50+ year old “would be” Kate Winslets...)

Disillusionment or maybe boredom sets in

I carried on, different classes, different dances. Things were changing though, it all got a bit “serious” and at times downright unpleasant and cliquey. I also felt the dances seemed to be getting a bit predictable - same old moves, same old steps.

It didn’t help when a band member told a friend of mine that line dancers reminded him of the game “Space Invaders” – all moving around the floor as one, and in 2004 I hung up my boots.

Where are my boots?

Recently I attended the Western Motorhome Show in Malvern. It was a great few days with many attendees dressing up in authentic western gear – both cowboys and Indians. Every night for four nights there was Country and Western entertainment in all of the three halls – including line-dance instruction in the early evening. On our last evening the entertainment was provided by The Roustabouts. Fantastic. Bopping and singing along to Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” and other well known “line-dancing” songs.
My love of country music has remained and my feet started tapping – I’m left with an urge to dig my boots out and my jeans with the diamante trim and find a class - I just wish I could remember the steps – Hell Yes!!!

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author avatar amberdextrous
7th Oct 2011 (#)

Yee-Hah! Brixham Kiwi! Your story was a real hoot!

Thank You for an entertaining and inspiring read.

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author avatar Songbird B
7th Nov 2011 (#)

I love your articles, and your wonderful style of writing my friend..Loved this, and remembered it fondly..

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author avatar Neet-Neet
19th Aug 2012 (#) was me! I was the one who couldn't hack doing the 'Titanic'!!! but oh how I did enjoy my years of line dancing with my friend :-)

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