Breasts - a Pleasure or a Pain?

Will Connah By Will Connah, 16th May 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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What a sweet, yet bitter experience breasts can be.

Topless Sunshine Worshiping

I awoke up at 6:30am - all bright eyed and bushy tailed. The sun singed the blackout blind; the slightly frayed edge allowing dapples of light to dance on the ceiling. My mind whirred into gear and I began to think of Angelina Jolie, her husband to be and their children.

To think, in our world, we thought she had it all.

The thing with a double mastectomy is that it isn't the psychological problem it was 30 years ago - at least, not to the like of Angelina it isn't.

She has the access to the best consultants and augmenters that money can buy. With the re-constructive surgery she will have had - her breasts probably look better and more enhanced now than they were after having fed her twins.

The problem for many women is that if they are over a certain age, or without a partner, they won't be offered such restructuring on the NHS. They will daily shove chicken fillets into the pockets of their 'specialist' underwear.

Forever reminded by the gnarled and lumpy flesh that lies almost flat against their rib cage ... which was once the nubile embodiment of their future as a woman - that they are no longer whole.

They are something much more important; by surviving, they aren't another number on the clicker counter of victims. They show their battlefield scars of survival as medals to be worn forever ... a reminder that they are still here.

They live through their Flanders ...


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th May 2013 (#)

Angelina Jolie has brought much more attention to breast cancer risks than any body else. It was the topping news everywhere. Hopefully, other women too can get good medical diagnosis - siva

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