Blink Once and Stare Twice

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"How come dumb stuff seems so smart while you're doing it?" -A quote from Hank Ketchum's comic strip character "Dennis The Menace"

Human nature:

Oh, bad things seem fun and even interesting when they tempt you, don't they? Then, good things seem boring and even silly when they are compared to those bad things at times. It is like wanting chocolate cake with sweetened coconut shredded on top instead of broccoli or spinach, or something comparatively nutritious and genuinely satisfying, right?

Well, welcome to the world of illegal shortcuts and winning by cheating that seems easier than playing fair and winning or losing legitimately.

I know, this is a cold little section, but so am I personally an overly honest person with myself or strive to be. In The Transformers cartoons, the Autobot Omega Supreme's quote is "Unyielding resolve has no conqueror." That is something I live by, but add this: "Unyielding honesty integrated and resolve with perseverance have no conqueror." To normal human nature this may be a silly approach to life and living when shortcuts are wanted, and images and delicately "powerful" egos are "needed" to be preserved. In fact, I quote Plato on that one: "Normal human nature cannot be trusted to do the right thing." from The Republic. I realize what he meant: Every normal human being wants, needs and likes an "easy" way to do things. Genuine mastery really is for the exceptionally aware and honest beings that are rare. I get it.

Guts and stugg or "stuck" or to spell it completely correctly: Stuff.

Self-reliance is power. That fact cannot be denied by the worst or the best of us. Even the Indian reservation casinos in my great State of Califiornia, USA were touting it on television commercials a few years ago. Indeed, reality does not come down to what we want to be, it comes down to what we are. That is the beauty and ugliness of reality and most people do not have the guts to be genuinely self-reliant, not caring what others think genuinely. Also, ultimately conformity and self-hate rear their ugly heads for not just all to see, but for you to see in yourself. Unless you do have the guts to "whoop that stuff down" and genuinely make yourself great in your own eyes. Forget about all others, when the chips are down and the hips are broken, nobody can live for your but yourself and you are with yourself only. So, I end right where I began in this section, self-reliance is power.

What more can I tell you?

Get rich quick and easy!

I hope saying that above made you laugh, because what I mean is exactly the opposite. A real life is fair play, honesty and reality. Without those values, real wealth in any reality is impossible and truly, all you are is normal and not extraordinary. I say that not to be a jerk or a game-player, but I say this to say like my Father Joe used to tell me: "There are no short cuts, and I do not play, I work when I work." Resolve that is unyielding takes that mentality and more to be extraordinary genuinely. Without it, "get rich quick and easy" then be disappointed when it does not happen in the hardest two steps of all: Failure and quitting. May you have the free will impetus in your soul to make the right choice. "I ain't taking no short cuts, and I ain't playing the wheel of fortune crap game for the million, dammit, I'll do the work!" Thank you.


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