Black Pride

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no time for vacation, there is much needed work to be done.

Black Pride


One fine February day on the South side of paradise, Destiny was sitting under a tree

sipping a cooler. Her sister, Black Pride came strolling up; “Hey sis, I am back.”

Oh, of course, you always manage to show up around this time of the year.
Awe come on sis, give me a break!

No honey, you need to give your people a break. They need to see a lot more of you.

They need me, Hah! Girl every time I walk with one of them hand in hand, stand by their
side through thick and thin. The minute that I turn my head that person is gone.

What do you mean gone? Sweetie they are all still down there working even when you

Oh yeah! What about my old friend Martin, I spent a lot of time with him. Can you tell? me where he’s gone?

Sure! I saw him just last week. He is getting ready to graduate from high school down there in watts. Oh yes he has a new body and a new name, but I looked into his eyes and saw the same passion and love that we always knew him for, believe me it was Martin.

And Malcolm, have you seen Malcolm?

Yea, I saw Malcolm. He is working in a factory in Detroit watching his fellow employees
get laid of day by day because their jobs are being sent overseas. I saw him use his breaks to study his law books. I looked into his heart and saw the same passionate anger taking root. Oh yes that was Malcolm alright, and he is getting fed up all over again.

I’ve seen Mahlia too. Right now she is a big R&B recording star, but she has already
started to cross over and use her vocal gift to inspire young people to the path of
righteousness. I have heard her sweet voice and it is the peaceful voice of God.

All of your old friends are still there working as hard as ever, they just change into fresh new bodies that fit the day.

But just think, Why do you think that God made you so beautiful and mighty and powerful? Your name alone is the most loved and feared force in the universe. You need to spend a lot more time down there making your name count and be accountable.

All of the love, passion, anger and knowledge means nothing without pride to lead the
Way. So get down there and get busy.


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author avatar deep blue
3rd Jul 2010 (#)

Got the message. I like it in the variation of high self esteem.

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author avatar Godwill
12th Jul 2010 (#)

great write up. thanks.

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