Behind the Scenes of a Hotel - Chapter 2 - The Runaway

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A confused old lady was getting quite demanding as she obviously thought she was in a hospital.

The Demanding Old Lady

Hotel guests can be quite demanding. An old disillusioned lady arrived in a taxi one afternoon. She was all alone when she checked in and went to her room. I was surprised that she was on her own as she was also struggling on crutches. She had gauze on both feet.

She called the reception as soon as she got settled and ordered soup. She wanted someone to bring it. We only offered a small menu and soup was not on it that day. We couldn’t always offer room service either since we usually had only one person on duty. I couldn’t possibly leave the restaurant, kitchen and reception unattended for as much as a minute. I told her that I could bring her something else from the menu as soon as things calmed down a little. She found that very hard to accept as she was used to having soup at this time of the day. I finally talked her into ordering something else.

After she had eaten she called the reception and asked me to come and get the dirty plates, which I did. I hurried so I didn’t have to be away from the restaurant for too long. I also had to tell her in a polite way that there would be no more room service that night and that everything would be closed until next morning. She was about to go to sleep anyway so she was fine with that.

When I came to work the next morning I was met by a very frustrated room maid. She had been bossed around by the old woman. “Bring me some breakfast! Empty the trash bin!” and so on. I knew that this would be a very long shift.

Another Long Shift

She soon called the front desk and demanded that I came to her room to take out some trash. I tried to explain to her that her room had already been cleaned that day and that the trash had just been removed by the room maid. She insisted as there was so much garbage in her room. I finally had a moment to go in there and found her in bed with bare feet. She had removed the gauze.

Scrunched up tissue paper covered every surface in the room. It was a total mess. I could see that her soles were full of wounds and blood stains. The tissue paper also had stains of blood and yellow liniment. Apparently she had used the paper to cleanse her feet and then left it all over the place. "You need to take out the trash!" she complained. "You must put some gloves on! Always wear gloves when you touch garbage!"

The Son

I knew I had to find a relative or someone who could take care of her. I was not a nurse! I checked the guest list for address and phone number, but I couldn’t find anything I could use. I was also getting worried about her bill adding up. I doubted that she would be able to pay for it in her condition.

When I asked her, she told me that her son would pay. She gave me his name so I could look him up in the phone book. He was shocked to hear that his mother was in a hotel far away from where she was supposed to be and also to know that he was the chosen one to pay for her stay. He lived 6 hours away, so he kindly asked me to do him a favor and keep her there until he could return the favor and get her back to the hospital where she belonged!


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Jan 2014 (#)

Sounds like the case for the Mental Disability Centre... Take Care, its them going Cuckoo...

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
20th Jan 2014 (#)

Your Grace,
Thank you for the share. So many people have no way to realize what some working people have to do to get through a day at work. Often things are negatively multiplied by cheap owners, tight economic times or worst case...both!
The employees are often on the front line taking all the blame and they actually have no control over it, they often genuinely care for the clients and their concerns, while the real responsible parties are unreachable.
Low pay, abuse, receiving blame for everything...
My hats off to you and all those like you that have and still do, serve the public to the best of their ability, (and are often waaay under compensated for doing so!)
Thank you again!
Only the best,

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author avatar Graceful
24th Jan 2014 (#)

In Norway where I live the pay is actually not bad, but owners often want to save money any way they can and that often means too much work for one person.

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author avatar Henningsokholm
4th Feb 2014 (#)

Good short story, I don't if this has happened but I can sure imagine some sort of an episode, you know as series.

I like the way the son responds, that do me a favor, because she has to be placed in a hospital, that put in some funny images.

And I might write my own series as like a TV show, because I had written 12 episodes and begun a sort of season 2.

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author avatar Graceful
4th Feb 2014 (#)

Thanks for commenting! All the episodes in my hotel series are true stories from my four years' working in a hotel.

Good luck with your own series, and let me know when I can watch it on TV! :-)

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