Behind the Scenes of a Hotel - Chapter 1 - Protected

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A lot goes on behind the scenes of a hotel. What if the guests are all criminals?

The Criminals

I was alone on duty late one evening at the hotel. All the rooms were taken, but there were only a few people in the restaurant. Most of them were inmates from the open prison on the island just outside the harbor. They were waiting for the last ferry to take them across and were passing time drinking coffee and reading newspapers. They had been working or attending school, and perhaps working out in the public swimming pool. These inmates had committed all kinds of crimes, even murder. Some of them had served most of their sentence in other high security prisons prior to coming to the open prison where they sort of “get back to normal” and adapt to society again before they are released.

The Social Client

I was about to finish the daily routines when a handsome young man walked through the door carrying a big plastic garbage bag. I knew who he was because he had been a guest at the hotel on several occasions before. He was always witty and charming, but he was also a social welfare client. I noticed that the bag was full of clothes. He asked for a room, but I told him that unfortunately the hotel was full so I couldn’t help him. Normally his social worker made the reservations for him when he needed a room.

He didn’t believe me and started to lash out before he walked behind the counter and flipped through the guest lists. At this point I knew that he was high on something. I asked him kindly to take his stuff and leave which he refused at first, but then he changed his mind and walked away with his bag over his shoulder. The other guests quietly observed the scene.

About ten minutes later he came back. He was still carrying his big plastic bag. Again I asked him to leave or I would call the police. This was not to his satisfaction so he threw the bag on the floor under the counter, lied down curled up like a dog on top of it and refused to move. He was getting more and more aggressive so finally I called the police and asked them to help me get rid of this annoying person. They told me that I would have to accept that they were way too busy to deal with this minor case. HELLOO! This is a small town, and there’s not enough going on to keep the police busy! Especially not on the weekdays!

Well, the man who obviously wasn’t comfortable enough to fall asleep finally gathered his stuff and left. The police called me asking for a description as they had found him walking in the street. So they weren’t that busy after all!

Who to Trust

One of the inmates came over to the counter after the man left and said to me: “We’ll take care of him if he returns! You don’t need to be afraid! We’ll never let anything happen to you, Randi!” Wow! Protected by criminals! It sure is good to know who your friends are!

I was never scared, neither of the social client nor of the inmates. I'm more worried about all the crazy people who are still out there with no kind of supervision.


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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
20th Jan 2014 (#)

Your Grace,
Glad you came out of there okay!
The great thing in going through all those things, you learn so much!
Often you don't realize what you learned, sometimes until many years later, when it has an application to help with a current issue.
I glad you were only enhanced by your experiences!
Thank you again for the share!
Only the best,

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author avatar Graceful
20th Jan 2014 (#)

Very true! You learn a lot from meeting people from every step of the social ladder, and you don't always find the best people on the top.

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
21st Jan 2014 (#)

You never know who will be the best in heart and spirit. Social standing very often has little to do with it.
Exposure will always leave the intelligent with something!
Only the best,

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