Behind the Scenes of a Hotel – Chapter 8 – Hamburger Hyenas

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One of the challenges when working with people in a restaurant or hotel is that some of them really don't care about you! If they have a lousy day, you might be the target for their blowouts. A new chapter in my hotel series.

Busload of Terror

Sometimes customers can be scary, especially when they come as a bus load of people who missed the ferry and we have a staff shortage.

I took a glance out the window and saw a big tourist bus at the ferry terminal. It missed the boat by a few seconds. The doors opened and out came a hundred dissatisfied people. I could tell they were unhappy from the look on their faces.

It took less than 5 minutes before the restaurant was completely full. My colleague and I were terrified. A busload of hungry people and only two persons serving them and cooking as well as answering the phone, tending the reception and doing dishes and cleaning tables? Not good!

Hamburger Hyenas

We worked like mad and did our very best to serve them, but suddenly I heard a voice:

“MY HAMBURGER IS COLD! And the lettuce is dripping wet!” The enraged customer waved the lettuce leaf in my face and screamed out loud. He took it all out on me although I had never touched that hamburger. I told him that I would be happy to give him a new one. (I wasn’t happy to do anything for him, really.)

“WE WANT OUR BURGERS HOT!” Two middle aged women next to the man accompanied him in his rudeness. I apologized to them in a snarling way and told them that we were short staffed and just doing our very best. That did not encourage any sympathy from either of them.

The line of people went through the whole restaurant, and the phone was ringing while other people arrived to check in. My colleague and I were getting a little edgy now. Wanting to do a good job and not being able to do so due to challenges beyond our control is the worst feeling of all.

Being the Target

During the summer months a ferry departure is scheduled every 20 minutes to keep the queues to a minimum, but occasionally a ferry is taken out of traffic for maintenance or repair. The result is of course a lot of impatient people who don’t even try to be polite. We often tried to explain that we had nothing to do with the ferries and that we could not predict when a ferry had to be docked for maintenance, controls or repairs. They needed someone to blame no matter what. We were often the target for their steam. This time it was the bus being late.

Colleagues Standing Together

The grumpy man got a new hamburger, but he was not ready to close the case and demanded to have my name as he was going to report me to my boss. I gave him my name and my boss’s phone number. I hoped he’d choke on his burger. (I didn’t say that out loud!)

He did call my boss the next morning, as he obviously hadn’t choked. I overheard the conversation. She told him that she was sorry about the incident and that she would deal with it. Then she hung up, giggled and said out loud: “As if I care, you stupid idiot!” My colleague had already told her about what happened, and she didn’t blame me at all.

I was truly grateful that we always had each other’s backs.

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