Behind the Scenes of a Hotel – Chapter 7 – The Regulars

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Another chapter in my hotel series. Some people are always there. Every restaurant needs a few regulars.

Regular Guests

Every restaurant has its regular guests. Our group of regulars was formed by four or five retired men. A few minutes before opening hours they were standing outside waiting for us to open the door so they could come inside for their morning coffee. We often let them in before opening hours. They were no trouble at all even if we were running late in our coffee brewing routines. Sunshine or rain, you could always count on them showing up after a morning walk.

One man was a widower. Being retired from the navy he walked with his back straight, and you could tell that he knew how to iron his shirts as he was always impeccably dressed. He had a smile and a friendly word for everyone.

Another man was a janitor at my school before he retired. He used to watch the girls playing ball in the gym. We were a little annoyed by him being there, and some of the teenage girls caused a lot of drama, accusing him of being too interested in the young girls. I now believe that he was just interested in the game.

The oldest man had shaky hands. Most customers were used to getting their coffee at the counter, while we had to bring his coffee to the table for him. He brought us flowers for Christmas just to show his gratitude.

We also had a regular guest who came in for a beer or three. He was like clockwork. Every evening at 6 he came on his bicycle. He used to be a sailor, but now he was retired. I knew he spent a lot of time in the small boat harbor. He drank too much, but he never harmed anyone, just had a chat with other guests before he went back to his loneliness. He once told me that he had lost contact with his ex-wife and daughter because of his drinking. However, one Sunday afternoon he looked very well groomed and a little anxious. For the first time in years he was going to have dinner with his daughter. She was a nice looking young woman, and I could see that they were having a good time. I was hoping they would stay in touch from that point on.

Being Sociable is Important when You Retire!

The morning ritual went on for years. They always got together in the restaurant to talk about the weather or to discuss the latest news or to complain about their uncontrollable wives whom they loved very much. They told each other jokes and even a lie or two to make the story more interesting.

Staying sociable and getting out as much as you can after your working days are over is really important. Fading away at home is not the thing to do! These men realized that. They knew the importance of getting out of the house to meet other people, if only for a few minutes.

What I know is that these guests belonged there. They knew just about everything about what was going on in our little town, and they were more than willing to share it. Our working days wouldn’t be the same without them.


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