Behind the Scenes of a Hotel – Chapter 4 – Dirty Work and Dirty Underwear

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Chapter 4 in my hotel series. Some people just need a home.

Something was not right!

You become a good judge of character when you work in a service profession and have to interact with people every day. You soon learn what to expect when a person comes through the door.

A weathered couple in their sixties checked in just as I finished my shift. They paid cash for one night. My colleague took care of it so I reckoned everything was ok, but I had a feeling that they were not as orderly and neat as they appeared to be.

I had a few days off so I didn’t expect to see them again, but they were still there when I came back to work. For some reason I found that to be a little strange so I checked their file to see if they had paid for the additional nights they had been there. Normally we asked for a credit card upon check-in, but this time it had been neglected. A closer look at their bill revealed a diligent use of room service. I asked my colleague if we had the credit card number, but she told me that the couple didn’t have a credit card. No credit card? And they still get to buy on credit? Not on my shift!

Later in the evening they called the reception wanting a few drinks brought to their room. I told them that they could not buy more on credit until their bill was settled. They said that their daughter would come and pay for everything. They even gave me her phone number so that I could talk to her and have it confirmed. I called the number and talked to the daughter. There was no way she could or would pay for the fun time her parents were having.

The Dirty Work

I decided to go to their room to talk to them. It was not a pretty sight that met me when the man opened the door. The old wrinkled woman was lying on the bed half naked with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. I’m sure it wasn’t her first beer. Garbage and empty beer bottles were scattered all over the room. Her husband was standing right in front of me in the doorway. All he was wearing was his underwear, and he was very drunk. His once white briefs were now greyish beige and had brown stains all over it. Eww! It took me a while to erase that image from my mind!

Since it was in the middle of the night and winter time, I didn’t kick them out right away, but I asked them to leave before noon the next day. There was nothing else I could do. I was glad that it would not be on my shift. Asking people to leave is never pleasant, but sometimes it has to be done. I never cared to ask who paid their bill.

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