Attacked by a tiger's singing talent

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Out of the fog comes the most ghastly growling noises of a tiger... but is all what it seems?

Attacked by a tiger's singing talent

Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird have arrived on Music Island by ship, but it's so foggy today, they don't know if they should even get off their ship.

But finally Miauli decides they should go explore the island.

Miauli gives his first step on Music Island. What a momentous occasion! Or it would have been momentous, if Miauli could make out where he put that first step. It's so foggy, he can't make out a thing.

Nevertheless, Veertjies and him decide to push on and have a look around the island. Veertjies is just very scared that there might be dangers lurking in the mist, that they cannot see.

And then, his fears seem to become reality, as the next moment, a loud, noisy tiger appears, seemingly ready to strike at them.

Miauli and Veertjies turn to run back in terror.

But then, the tiger calls out to them, asking them why they are running away, when he was trying to sing to them. Is his singing as bad as all that then?

Oh, realizes Miauli. The tiger wasn't growling at them. He was trying to sing, but with that roarous voice, it sounded more like an attack chant or battle cry or something.

Miauli encourages the tiger to please sing to them again, now that they realise it's singing.

This time Miauli tries to compliment the tiger. Yep, not bad at all, says Miauli. The tiger's singing certainly did make an impression on them!

The tiger seems to chuckle at that. He knows he has no angel voice. He apologizes for having scared them with his singing talent.

It's just that here on Music Island, all the other animals can sing, but oh dear, this poor tiger doesn't believe he has a beautiful voice.

Veertjies cannot argue with the fact that perhaps the tiger's strong thunderous voice isn't quite made for sweet, beautiful singing, so Veertjies decides to say that it's no biggie, and that the tiger is probably good at other things. Miauli concurs. VIEW THE VIDEO PORTION OF THIS CHAPTER HERE


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