At ease with Textese

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For the uninitiated, the language of Textese can be enthralling, engrossing, fascinating, and absolutely frustrating!

At ease with Textese

"IMO, IMHO, ...", Atlasman was attempting to communicate with me,
Grabbing the nearest teenager by his sagging jeans pant, I desperately sought his help,
And my choice was wise, he knew what IMO meant, and more.
He also sat me down and taught me counter strategies.
"IMO, ...", began Atlasman,
It then went like this.
Atlasman: IMHO, ...
Me: Mmm...
Atlasman: ?
Me: AFAIK dats knot ry8.
Atlasman: I no, but dats IMO,
Me: Know know, dats what im tlng, iz not ry8,
Atlasman: Wth dude, itz my opnyon,
Me: V r sur itz rong opnyon
Atlasman: IDC, itz myn
Me: Fyn kp it, IDC
Atlasman: anywayz i gtg, ttyl
Me: V ol r gng to eat, u 8?
Atlasman: hoo ol?
Me: Am gng wid ma bstis
Atlasman: I c, u will rtn my bk 2ny8 know?
Me: Chl, i vil...

I hd rchd my lmit, nd sot recorse frm asprin, dolo, amrtanjn, iodx n ol...srsly im tyrd, cu l8r.

(For those seeking palliative verbal remedy for the above ills, see below.)
IMO = In My Opinion
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
WTH = What The Heck
IDC = I Don't Care
ry8 = right
fyn = fine
l8r = later
and so on, and so forth .......


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