Asians Taking Pictures of Their Food

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Common observations while eating out at restaurants

Asians Taking Pictures of Their Food

Something curious happens quite often as I am out dining, either with friends, or by myself. I don't know if it's a phenomenon that's swept amongst foodies, hipsters, or just Asians in general. But something has been happening, and maybe you've noticed it too, as you sit down at a new or a favorite restaurant. And that something is this: Asians taking pictures of their food.

Make it a point to observe this the next time that you are out dining. Has it become a customary or cultural thing? Who knows. When Asians are being served their food, it is almost instantaneous that as soon as the waiter walks away, the person whips out their camera or phone and snaps a picture of their food. Wahh??

I have a few theories on why this phenomenon happens:

(1) They are going to send the pictures to a loved one, possibly someone in the deep, tropical jungles of their country of origin, to show them what they're missing out on, and also to convince them to leave the wild life of the jungles and join civilization. If that is the case, then it's just plain mean. Ever watch the food network and wish you could eat the food that the TV chefs make? There's this unsatisfactory craving for foods that comes afterwards from watching that you can never satisfy with your TV tray dinner.

(2) The food is so strange, something never seen before, despite the fact that almost every unknown place and land on the earth has been explored. The Asian person is so wowed by how a piece of steak could possibly be that well-cooked, they cannot help but be compelled to snap a pic. Or, they're tourists.

(3) With the new iPhone series launching every couple of months, this leads consumers to buy the latest and newest tech gadgets. They just got the camera or phone and they are photo-happy, taking pictures of anything and everything. Or they're tourists.

(4) They're tourists.

The likeliest theory is that they are preserving the memory of what they are about to eat. That, and that they're tourists.

Regardless, next time you're out and you're people watching, see if you agree or disagree with this observation!


Asians Taking Pictures Of Their Food, Pictures Of Food

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