Art of Bargaining

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Understanding the art of bargaining which women are so adept at


Bargaining is an art which only females are adept at,so much so that they will try to bargain and save even bargain for one rupee, and if you ask them how would one rupee make a difference in their shopping budget they would give you a look which would make you feel like the biggest fool for not knowing the worth of single rupee.
Now, I don't mean that bargaining and saving is not important but sometimes its just.....(huge sigh).Read my story and you would understand what I mean.
One day I made a big mistake by asking my wife to come shopping with me (the mistake was as big as the day I decided to get married)... don't sympathize now,continue reading...I wouldn't have asked her if I was not going shopping for some T-shirts and like most men I am color blind.So,off we went and knowing my wife's habit of bargaining,I took her to a fixed price shop. After checking about 20 t-shirts she selected a mauve colored t-shirt(which looked like purple to me, but who am I to argue on shades) and asked for price (though the price tag was already there on the T-shirt).the sales guy quoted the same price as on the tag,and my wife asked for discount,the sales guy showed her the Fixed Price notice,ignoring it she came to her form and started haggling with the guy on the price (what was I doing, I was just a mute spectator,knowing well not to step in between).When she saw that the guy was not ready to budge,she adopted the age-old trick (most Indian women adopt while bargaining), she started walking out of the shop,the sales guy seeing that he was losing a customer,spoke to his boss and gave her a 10% discount,Now anyone would have been satisfied with that discount, that too in a shop which proclaimed to be a Fixed-Price Shop,but not my wife.She haggled with the boss for another 15 mins and got a 15%. Now,I stepped in (not because of any other reason, but because I had to get back to the cricket match) and without asking her, I just paid the money and told the sales guy to pack the T-shirt. This got me look from my wife (if you know what I mean,that, I was not getting any dinner today).We walked out of the shop, my wife fuming. She told me that I had made a mistake and she would have gotten the same T-shirt with around 25% discount.I remained silent(not wanting to argue)and she took my silence as disbelief on my part. She marched down the market and entered a shop at random, and asked the sales guy to show the T-shirt. She selected one similar to one we had bought and after haggling for the discount she got 25% and gave me another look (if you again know what i mean,that said see, now you believe me),bought that shirt and we came out,now she was very happy. Being a trained husband, I knew, I had to keep quiet from pointing out that the price tag on the second shirt was higher and after discount we had bought the second T-shirt for just 10 rupees less than the previous one.


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24th Mar 2013 (#)

I need to improve my bargaining skills, lol ♥

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