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A time when my girlfriend and I went to feed some horses and things went south...

Who doesn't love apples?

On one Saturday morning, my current girlfriend and I were out and about, having a walk in the city. We were headed to a field where the mounted police unit kept their horses so I had brought along a bag of chopped up apples. It was to be another typical, cheesy date that you would see in 80s movies.

We got to the field and as expected, these majestic beasts were wildly roaming about. Some were running around, others were just chilling. The horses were in a mellow mood, which was a good thing, so I took the initiative and approached one and offered it a piece of apple. The horse calmly plucked out of my hand and chewed on it, whilst giving me a wary look. This pattern was repeated for a couple of times until a few more horses noticed what was happening and came over. Soon enough, the entire herd of horses had surrounded me, shoving and nipping at each other, trying to get to my delicious golden apples. It is important to note that while my bag of apples was being finished pretty quickly, my girlfriend was keeping her distance because she wasn’t exactly comfortable around large groups of powerful beasts.

At this moment, things began to get interesting.

With such a large group of horses fighting for such a small amount of apples, it was only natural that some of the horses were going to miss out on the Apple Sweepstakes.

It was then that one of the young horses on the outskirts of the herd, who had been frustrated that it wasn't getting its fair share of apples, saw my girlfriend and had a brainwave.

Judging by what happened next, the young horse must have had the following thought:

"Damn it, these guys are eating all the apples… Wait a minute, that lady came with the guy who is giving out apples. ..Maybe she has some."

The young horse must have believed this thought to be true because the next think I saw was him running over towards my girlfriend with the hope of getting apples out of her. My girlfriend, having been surprised by seeing this great beast run up to her out of the blue, gave out a scream. This got the attention of the other horses, who probably had the same thought that the younger horse had.

“Hey, this guy’s apples are finished. Wait a second, why is Young Horse going to the lady? Hold on, didn’t she come with this guy who was giving us apples...Maybe she has some…

Immediately, the rest of the herd stampeded towards my girlfriend and within seconds, I was standing on my own, while she was cowering in the center of a boisterous crowd of horses who were becoming increasingly annoyed that she had no apples to give out.

It was glorious.


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