Another Night On The Town Yelling For Food And Clothes

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Activity in the town can get hectic if you don’t keep tabs on things. Cats have their ways, just as rats do! So, what is this about all the shouting and wearing clothes? Let us see!

Where we begin

There were three living beings in the room…all of them wearing clothes and looking for refreshments. It is like sitting in your garden and worrying about soil nutrition.

Of course, the trays were not forthcoming as fast as they would have liked. Maybe they should try another strategy. Like yelling for food. They could not because they were wearing clothes, suits and ties. Moreover, the management had taken precautions by hiring bouncers to throw out those who yelled for food. The town was really sewn up tight.

Rules for yelling

You can yell for the girl singer in the town band. You can even yell for girl in the white mini skirt provided her boyfriend is not fiercely athletic. Yell for food…and you are out on the streets! You will meet a lot of town people there who yell for food.

The Dire Straits had their own way of expressing things. Some of them sing in the morning. Like the Beatles…if you consider yelling about girls and their lifestyles as music. Many including the royalty believed it…and died for it. That’s the way you do it! Unless you want to Tell Me Why you differ!

Thing about clothes

So, why wear clothes? Everyone with a concept of alphabets and numbers, common nouns and proper nouns, adjectives and adverbs will not go around robbing the neighbors in town on the opposite side of the road. Unless they have undergarments and you don’t. Like singing wild and WILD!

Tastes differ vastly

Three of my friends were comfortable… one was a friend of an octopus, another followed the sun and the third liked Lucy who had diamonds. I have been chasing diamonds without any heart and never had success. I sometimes get a shiver in the dark…do you?

So, stop asking for things, man in the midnight, your hand, love, oil in my lamp, a sad song, some sunshine, everything(!), your eyes(!!!) and start asking for ham , bacon and sausages. It is normal. Most town people ask for bacon and scrambled eggs.

Clothes? Of course we always wear them

If you wear red tonight…if you don’t wear anything tonight…I will not remember anything about tonight! Yes, it is! Please wear something tonight. For if you don’t, please go and stand by at somebody else’s side. Or take a bicycle ride.

Yes, take the easy way out, I found out. It could be a day trip…or a night trip…in the day time. So keep her happy. Tell her it is Sunday. And you like to go for a drive. Keep up with the derivatives of time.

Change is detestable

For my world will not be changed by anything. Perhaps I am not pegging at my usual level, perhaps I am out of touch with town activity. Perhaps I want something down on my page and nothing else.

Especially for a cat

All three of them are mewing and trying to get out of their ‘clothes’. Perhaps it is time to get them undressed! They are the only thing for me in this town!!!!

Credits for this page

All pictures are from Pixabay Public Photos Domain.

I thank my followers and my friends who follow me trying to figure out what I am driving at (my followers do not bother). I thank my moderators for their patience in keeping me and my article in line with human acceptance.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Jan 2015 (#)

Fighting for survival and that too in many ways to suit our tastes and taste buds has been the order of the day from time immemorial. Even with the little time left for leisure we create havoc, so the Creator has cut us to size. Thanks Snerfu - siva

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author avatar snerfu
24th Jan 2015 (#)

Yes, so true Siva, but I sometimes feel that I am out of tune with the to tighten that 4th string or maybe go jump into a well or something. Nice to see you survived the Diwali and Pongal sweets.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Interesting post and well stated in every word Snerfu!

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author avatar snerfu
28th Jan 2015 (#)

Thanks Mr MC Costigan. Very much appreciated. Cheers!

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