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This is a file for my own poetry, personal reflections, snippets of observation,, critiques of situations, or just plain expressions of a simple and a so-so keen observer like me.

Anne's Overworld


if i still would be given the chance to love you again...i wud throw all caution to d wind and follow you. i wud break other people's hearts, stamp on their foot, slap them on their face...and follow you.
if destiny wud make our paths cross again, i will walk with you. 'coz im dying--- dying to see your face, hear your voice, and feel your warmth again.
i would do anything just to have your eyes look at me once more and have your smile light my world, to breathe the air you breathe, to hold you never ending.
i wud kill myself just to know you still live, to have my dreams come to life. i wud do anything, anything and lay my whole life--- if having you... means i will live. for without you im dead.
AND YET... i wont do them at all. i wud rather keep my dreams on d bottle jar, clip my wings behind my back. i wud smile and talk as if it's an ordinary day and you're not there.
and if ever you cross my path, i wud run away further and further. 'coz im not selfish to live until the end, for loving you is my ultimate death.

Christmas Musings

Christmas is a time of revelry or festivities, a time of more love, gifts, food, friends, family, and symbols associated with the season: snowman, parol, Christmas tree, etc.

But more than anything else, Christmas is a time of deep inward rejoicing that once in earth’s history, a Savior was born to save the world.

To some people, the true meaning of Christmas is a taboo subject. But the revelry remains with worldly partying, drinking, or gorging foods. On other homes, family feasting, gift-giving, and other gimmicks take place.

I once remember an email sent to me where Jesus was supposedly talking. He felt like an uninvited guest on His own birthday. While the people are partying on their Christmas event, Jesus was looking on unobtrusive in a corner.

How would we feel if we attend our own birthday but is completely ignored? How would you feel if nobody seems to care that it’s your party and it’s your day? Maybe, you would quietly slip out of the house and be alone.

The sad fact also about Christmas is somebody long ago had invented the concept of “Santa Claus.” It has taken away the focus from the Savior of the world and turned to the pagan symbol of a man who supposedly rewards the good doers and which laughs something like, ho-ho-ho.

Another sad fact is that Christmas has become an “X-mas.” This is a form of blasphemy where the one true living God is recognized as an “X” or an unknown value in algebra, or something that means zero or nothing.

The world is trying and trying to disorient people from the real meaning of Christmas. Commercialization has become too much that people tend to see the material gifts more than the Giver (God), the celebration more than the Celebrator (Jesus), the spirit of love more than the Lover (Holy Spirit).

Let us re-arrange our perspective and meditate on the true meaning of Christmas. More than anything else, Christmas is all about Jesus. The deepest truth is, For God so loved the world, He sent us a Savior which made the first Christmas day. @)


Critiques, Or Just Plain Expressions, Poems, Reflections, Snippets

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author avatar Denise O
1st Dec 2010 (#)

I feel your passion shining through.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Angelanne777
29th Mar 2018 (#)

Wow thanks after many years I just read your comment, and I'm back to life :)

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author avatar Blunt Head
20th Jan 2011 (#)

I like your style...keep them coming!

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